Four Ramen Bars Compared

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As you might have realized -  our beloved J-town is now a home to various ramen bars!
These Japanese chicken/pork noodle soup though... has attracted my attention, and i decided to write a combined review on some hearty ramen I've tried.

1. Ramen Sanpachi
Probably the first ramen chain to provide ramen with hearty pork/chicken broth unlike the previous contenders that has entered the market in the first place.

What I like about Ramen Sanpachi is that they have the most variety of menus - from snacks, ramen flavors and sides. Their Curry Rice is also delicious, by the way. Despite being the first chain to offer hearty soup - I don't find their broth to be as interesting as the other rivals as now - I have comparisons to make.  But the curry rice and the varieties of menu.. definitely will make me want to revisit Sanpachi again.

2. Ramen Ikkousha
Here goes nothing - Okay. Ramen Ikkousha has been having crazy long queues from the moment they opened their doors in Pluit. The same long queues repeats all over again in their second branch in Kelapa Gading.

What I like about Ikkousha is that their broth is amazing! It seems to have the strongest and the boldest taste of all compared to all their rivals. However, as I tasted them for like... the fourth time, I seemed to taste traces of MSG inside their broth.

3. Marutama Ramen
Hmm.. Marutama Ramen seems to be the most mysterious ramen ever due to their secret location in Sentral Senayan. To go to their first branch, you have to enter The Foodhall in Plaza Senayan to the Warung Pojok Area, and from there, just go straight pass by the security check and voila! Welcome to Marutama Ramen.


What I liked about Marutama Ramen is their broth. Its not too strong, and not too bold as well. The consistency is just right and their Yaki Charsiu is a must-try (UPDATE APR 22, 2012 BELOW).  as well as their Tori Dango (above). The cons for Marutama is that it wasnt really location-friendly for me. :)

4. Yamagoya Ramen
Yamagoya Ramen, it just open its door recently isnt it? I don't have much to say but.. They're located in the Thamrin Nine - the same office tower that houses South Beauty, Tony Romas and Pesto, as well as others. 
What I liked about Yamagoya Ramen is that their noodle - seems to be best out of all the contenders since they are chewy! The others? I would say.. they're okay. Their broth is also hearty and consistent as they are not to strong/bold, but for the broth... I prefer Marutama's

5. Santouka Ramen
You can check em out here

In Conclusion,

Hmm... for me, I would say Marutama Ramen seems to be my favorite due to their consistency, and the taste of the sides as well. But then, that doesn't mean that Marutama is an exact winner for everyone... It might be for me, but not for you! So.. I encourage you guys to try them one by one! Here is a consideration for you guys to consider when you... are confused by ramen.  

For a strong ramen taste and delicious sides like Gyoza, visit Ikkousha.
For a consistent ramen broth and delicious sides like Yaki Charsiu, visit Marutama.
For a variety of flavors and fusions of ramen, visit Sanpachi Instead.
For a noodle that's chewy, visit Yamagoya Ramen

Ramen Sanpachi
EJIP Center

Ramen Ikkousha
Jalan Muara Karang Raya

Marutama Ramen
Sentral Senayan 1 Office Tower
Jalan Asia Afrika

Yamagoya Ramen
Thamrin Nine UOB Basement
Jalan M.H Thamrin

Your brother in food,
Rayns Raymond.


  1. That's quite an extensive review on jakarta's ramen. NICE!

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  3. I just pleased with this ramen bars blog as it has all the informative social media information for every one.
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