Recent Visit to Collage, Pullman Central Park

One hungry evening, my mum (my most loyal foodhunting partner) decides to have dinner at Collage Restaurant with me at the 4-5 months old Pullman Central Park (Correct me if I'm wrong). Before proceeding, I have to say.. this is gonna be a one long post. So, embrace yourselves!
 This visit was.. Wierd. At the time of visit: my mom and I are the only guest dining in! We was alone for at least.. 1 hour until some other guests came by. J-town's traffic condition getting worse huh? But that's okay. Despite the loneliness, I love the ambience offered here in Collage. It is modern, and just artsy. At first I was expecting some of the food offered like what some friends reviewed back then, but only some was there. The rest were some other menus. Now, to the food offered during my visit!

A cracker section:
 Seafood Offerings:
The Salad Bar with its dressings available for your salad:
                          Some eastern delights: Mini Donburis, Udon, and some fusion sushis:

Some eastern selections my mum took:
Center-left: Grilled Peking Duck, Top: Lumpia with Tofu Skin and Bottom-right: Grilled Chicken

Next, Sambal lovers will definitely enjoy this view! The various kinds of sambal offered here in Collage! (Me? I ain't touchin em' - me not a big fan of these stuffs~)

Some western delights my mum ate as well:
Left: Grilled Beef - Center Top: John Dory - Right: Lasagna!

My mom said the lasagna and the dory was nice. But the grilled beef? She said it was okay. (Mum likes beef grilled to perfection - this one is medium well) I said it was nice.

Next, Home made pastas! Yum!
Left: Black Carbonara Pasta - Right: Red Aglio Olio Pasta - I like this. :D

Vegetable Flan (Right) and Polenta Chips (Left)

Grilled Beef

This, is Lamb right? I wanted to grab these.. but i was too full already!

Collage also has traditional crackers up for grabs:
And a quite an organized view in the breads section!
Now... Desserts!

Overall, what an interesting experience here I had in Collage. With many selections of food offered here in Collage, I should dine here with my friends so I could get more opinions towards the taste of the food itself because there are some stuffs that I did not get a chance to taste due to stomach capacity limitations!

Collage at Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Ground Floor
Jalan Let.Jend.S.Parman

Your Brother in food,
Rayns Raymond.
Dedicated Twitter for food at @foodgazette << soon to be piled with tweets about food!


  1. Dear Rayns,

    Thank you for your post about Collage Restaurant. I enjoyed reading it.

    We are glad to learn that you and your mom had a good time and our quality and food selection have fullfilled your expectation.

    We are looking forward to having you as one of our guests again in the near future.

    Stay connected with us for exclusive news and offers:

    Twitter: @pullman_jkt_cp

    Once again thank you and with best regards,

    Rita Elisabeth S
    E-Commerce Services Executive
    Pullman Jakarta Central Park

  2. Thanks for the compliments Miss Rita! Really appreciate it! :)

  3. I love Collage! the food is so yummy, hard to fault! Salam kenal, BTW! :)

    1. I do too! :) Nice to meetcha! and thanks for dropping by! :)