The Start of Something New

Err.. I myself has been wanting to have my own blog. A blog where I could share what I like to people that share the same interests with me, and to help others as well with.. choosing what they want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner :D, as well as sharing delicious pictures of food!

Growing as a big kid, it is my mom who plays an important role of creating my obsessive feeling towards food. (Yes, as a mom, she cares about me, feed me well... with good tasting foods of course!). I myself has been called the 'one-stop information center for food' - by 90% of the people around me. With this gift that I was given, here I am - sharin' to you all what I have been enjoyin.

Before I went further though, there is this one thing I wanted to point out.  I am not a professional critique, nor a professional photographer. This bloggin' thing - is relatively new for me. You can just call me.. a rookie on these kinds of stuffs. So, accept my early apologies and I promise that I will improve as time goes by.

Enjoy what I have been preparing so far for this blog! Enjoy reading the Food Gazette!
Rayns Raymond.

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