Bubble Tea Bars Compared

Long waited by Mama WY... Here is.. my comprehensive bubble tea bars comparison! This post is dedicated to you who's visiting Indonesia in next week! 

Until recently... Jakarta was suddenly filled up by various bubble tea bars... Well umm... long ago.. there was only Quickly, Hop Hop and Kuick Kuick being the three bubble tea bar contenders in Jakarta. Now.. there are many of em. Lets cut to the chase!

This review is made in collaboration with my sis, Jess. More about her at @JessicaChikaG
This recapped review will be updated as time goes on. Be sure to check this one often!

1. Chatime
Chatime Living World Alam Sutera

Chatime itself is franchised by those who brought you Ace Hardware and Informa.. and was available in some areas like Kelapa Gading, Gandaria, Serpong, Puri, and um.. some other places. :)

After a couple of visit, I would recommend you: 
Taro Milk Tea (Milk blended with taro and taro bits) with Grass Jelly

and Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk. Just like the name clearly says. (picture coming up progressively)

2. Calais
 Calais at Supermall Karawaci

Well.. I dont know much about Calais.. but from the point card they gave me.. they have branch over five main cities - Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, bla. bla. bla. In Jakarta, you can visit them at Supermall Karawaci or Kuningan City.

Some recommendations:
Peach Tea (Left) Taro Milk Tea (Right)
Honey Milk Tea
3. Bobabits
Bobabits counter menu

Bobabits is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Well... I rarely visit this area.... and I dont have much to say!
Some stuffs my sis order during her visit (yes, these pics are taken by her. given to me. give her the credits!)
 Strawberry Tea (Left) Honey Milk Tea (Right)
Fruit Delight

What is great about Bobabits is that they also serve up some fried delicacies... and comfy seats as well!

4. Quickly
Quickly at The Foodhall - Plaza Indonesia
Quickly has been the classic contender along with Kuick Kuick and Hop Hop. But I believe, compared to those two, Quickly is the best classic contender :) Quickly also has lots of counters spread around town as well.

Oreo Coffee

5. Come Buy
  Come Buy at Emporium Pluit

Walkin to the corners of Emporium Pluit, I found a new Bubble Tea bar somewhere in Emporium Pluit. Again, this one says that they originate from Taiwan.
Pudding Chocolate (Top Left) and Taro Milk Tea (Bottom Right)

Pros and Cons:
Okay. From this point on you may have noticed one thing: I ordered one same type of drink almost at each establishment: The Taro Milk Tea. Now let's discuss each pros and cons.

Chatime: (PROS) Great variety of drinks.
                (CONS) Some branches are overcrowded. Service is slow in MKG.

Calais: (PROS) Serves the best bubble compared to all other three + many variety of drinks.
             (CONS) Flavors can be inconsistent sometimes.

Bobabits: (PROS) Uses quality ingredients (Monin syrups) and fresh fruits in their menus.
                  (CONS) Site is too cramped and overcrowded.

Quickly: (PROS) The most number of branch and is still delicious.
                (CONS) Less customization options

Come Buy: (PROS) Great add-ons. Their chocolate drink is delicious!
                  (CONS) Add-ons are too sweet. Maybe.. reduce the sugar?

The Taro Milk Tea award however, was won by Chatime :) read more below.

- If you are like me, who loves Taro Milk Tea soo much, go to Chatime. They've got it served with real taro, making it more creamy and delicious. :).
- If you want yummy toppings, go to Chatime, Calais or Comebuy.
- If you want to hang out and have some bubble teas, go to Bobabits! They've got cozy seats. 
- If you don't do much customizations, Quickly is also delicious :)

In the end, if you are cravin for bubble teas, go to any establishment where possible. They all has their pros and cons and each establishments has its own specialty! Got it? Haha :) Who do you vote then? tell me your vote below on the comment section.

Chatime                                                 Calais
Living World Alam Sutera                      Supermal Karawaci
Alam Sutera Blvd.                                 Jl. Bulevar Diponegoro
Serpong                                                Karawaci - Tangerang

Bobabits                                               Come Buy
Ruko Crown Golf                                 Emporium Pluit Mall
Pantai Indah Kapuk                              Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya
Jakarta                                                 Jakarta

The Foodhall Plaza Indonesia
Jalan MH Thamrin

Your Brother in food,
Rayns Raymond.
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PS: This review will still be updated in the coming weeks! :)

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