Hans @ Pujasera Sirkus, Lippo Cikarang (#1 Breakfast Venue for me and my friends!)

Hiya folks? again, how's your week so far? for me, at the time of this writing was compiled marks the last day for my quarter break. And well... uhh. I'm just too lazy to start my everyday routines again...

But hey! As I resume school again, I just want to say that the best thing about school is that: I can meet all my friends. Then, if we have the time, we would just go eat. However, most of the time is available only during breakfast. Yes, breakfast JUST before school starts. Having bfast with my besties just builds up my mood through laughing together and through hearing some gossips from the girls! :)

The venue we visit ALL-THE-TIME FOR BFAST (well.. 95% of the time - because... the only options were KFC, Starbucks, A&W and all the stuffs at the KM.19 rest area at the Jakarta-Cikampek Highway) is Hans, located at the Pujasera Sirkus foodcourt. 

Hans opens early in the morning up till 10 o'clock (correct me if i'm wrong) and serves bubur ayam, mie ayam bangka, and lomie, as well as lontong cap gomeh (written above!) They have two branches in Lippo. One in Ruko Ventura, and one in Pujasera Sirkus.

The place: Yes. It's simple. Makanan Tenda! and they come in cheap!

This is my favorite, Bubur Ayam Special. Tasty, and cheap. (only Rp.9500!). I always ordered this, Fels as well, and also, my sis when she was still in highschool.

Next up, is their Mie Ayam Bangka - the menu that has been frequently ordered by Willy, Tash and Calv.
However, there's supposed to be some beansprouts in the noodle. I guess Calv threw em huh? 

While I never tried their lomie and their lontong cap gomeh, Willy said they are great as well. (Sorry, no pics)

Overall, Hans is like... The place me and my gang has been enjoying for quite a while - since I was a first grade elementary school kid! The taste itself.. Has never changed since ever. But if you want a healthier option, just say to the guys there: micinnya sedikit aje bang!

I just wish for more food options here at Lippo Cikarang! Bert! Please make it come true!

Overall Experience: 4/5

Pujasera Sirkus
Jl. MH Thamrin
Lippo Cikarang

Your Brother in food,
Rayns Raymond
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