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Before continuing on, I would make this clear: This post will be about me blabbering my thoughts. But don't worry. I will still circulate around the BIG TOPIC OF FOOD. Therefore, embrace yourselves to read all my thoughts within this week. Since I am a new blogger, I'm still tryin to find ways to make this blog more appealing. Before I forget, The pic for Yaki Charsiu at Marutama Ramen is now available to see!  Check it out HERE

Okay. now, lets get back to the point. Don't get bored here. Okay? You guys aren't bored quite yet rightt?? :)

I'M PROUD OF YOU DADD!! Okay. Sorry for the exaggeration . The point is, I finally hear the word DELICIOUS over these two items we ate as a family this week coming from the mouth of my dad.

The first food he said delicious was... Holycow's Wagyu Ribeye. Cooked to Medium Rare accompanied with Mushroom Sauce and a scoop. Yes. a scoop. like an ice cream. of Mashed Potatoes. He loves it because he finds Holycow's steak as a customized version of a steak. Suited for the Indonesians who loves strong taste.. This is for him. It is salty, yet um.. rich in flavors. And for desserts, he ate the complimentary cupped tiramisu.

Um... Rayns? What do you eat? I ordered the Wagyu Tenderloin. TEAM TENDERLOIN!!
Sorry for not having the pic. I was effinly hungry at the time we visited Holycow and I forgot to take the picture of my lovely tenderloin and I just remembered after I finished my steak that I gotta take some pictures! hahahahaah! sorry yoww!

TODAY is April 22 2012. The day I wrote this post.

A typical sunday morning. Noodles or Porridge seems to be the two dishes my fam loves to have for Breakfast or Brunch.  This morning though.. we ate... Bakmi Asuk. Well Dad. Here is some Chinese Food for you. :)

Bakmi Dada Ayam (Chicken Breast Noodle)

Bakmi Lebar Dada Ayam (Wide Chicken Noodles)
A portion of Pangsit Rebus (Boiled Dumplings)

Well yeah. There is the pic from Bakmi Asuk. A family favorite :D

After hours of what would happen on a typical Sunday... We went to Fish n Co for dinner. 

The Best Fish n Chips in Town
Dad used to say that this is too plain.  Now he likes it :)

Singapore Fish n Chips

The Bla Platter (I forgot the name, my bad.)

And yeah. That's our dinner. I felt full finishing up one platter. :D

Um.. Rayns? From this post you've wrote, you dont seem include any veggies in your diet this week. Aren't you supposed to eat veggies..? the answer is yes I ate them. Don't worry guys! haha :D

It's time for me to get on to my homework. Gotta finish up all the presentation I'm having tomorrow and the next day after. I'm sorry that you have to read this post that is just too full of words!

Your brother in food who's crazily blabbering what's in his mind and will soon do his homework.
Rayns Raymond.
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Holycow Steak
Jalan Senopati

Bakmi Asuk
Jalan Danau Sunter Utara

Fish n Co Pacific Place
SCBD, Jalan Jendral Sudirman

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