Eating like a Big, Fat Highschooler. :D

Being a high school student these days is a real tough job. I admit. For me, I have tons of paperworks to be completed before Q3 2013 ends. From Literary essays to Social essays, Math essays to Information Technology essays until Science essays and reports... All must be submitted before Q3 2013 and will be sent to the curriculum organization thingy... Somewhere on Earth.

However, my work does not end there. There are still other homework. There are those poetic books written an archaic Indonesian or English I must read... There are those disgusting math exercises. There are those business case study I have to understand in which... the questions are damn hard. And then.. there are also those biology stuffs. Like Mr. Jones said, learning biology is like learning a new language. And more stuffs too.

Lets get back to the food stuffs. In regards to doing all those stuffs ? For sure, leaving my stomach empty and my mouth bland is a bad thing as I will definitely get distracted very easily. So.. Lets just eat first before completing all those sh*tty tasks as they require *exhale* lots of energy. So today, I decided to bring my camera with me today to school to observe me, and the #grade11sphlc1112 eating habit.. which is getting crazy lately.


This is the time where people are still dizzy from their sleepiness. In order to get rid of those feeling, something warm and cozy is needed.
A bowl of porridge from Hans. You can check more about Hans here

But in case where 90% of the population arrives exactly five minutes before devotions (like today), sweet biscuits and crackers can help. Thanks to Tash who frequently brought these kinds of delight to school :D
Today, Liz brought those Butter Coconut Biscuits and then Tash brewed a soothing Jasmine tea.. :D

Calv can also get nuts. By now, It has been nearly five times since he had a cup of slurpee early in the morning. I guess putting your head into brain-freeze can make you stay up huh Calv?


Lets see.. If I arrive two minutes before devotions.. There wont be enough time for me to grab some bites.. So, the food have to wait till break. ^_^ as the bell for break finally rang.. we then rushed to our lockers, grab our meals, and set up this eating-gossiping-relaxing conference outside of our home base. Ahh~ what a joy...

Lets observe everyone's meal today.

So yeah. As you can see.. (From top left to bottom right, in order) you can see Willy having some butter rolls.. Fels having some fried eggrolls.. Spencie on his diet food... (he claimed its all STEAMED. NOT FRIED OR SAUTEED) Iyas on his toast.. Krish on his donut? Peter on his Tokpokki + Ultra Chocolate, Eka eating his chicken noodles.. and William with his fried rice.

Tash and Lazz.. brought something special today. They brought pork dishes! Below here is Tash's soy-cooked pork

and below here is Lazz with Willy joinin her - showing off her Bacon and egg! yumm~


Lunch is the time where everyone gets hungry for real. Just three hours after morning break, Now its the time for something heavy. There's nothing really special for this one though...


Class interchanges... Can be both tiring and sleepy. Especially.. When we have to move from Science/Literature classes, to Biblical Studies/Art. In order to avoid discomfort.. I would eat some crackers like Ritz on my way to those classes! Well I aint complaining about any classes in case any of my teachers drops by. (Hi Miss! Hi Sir! Welcome to my blog!)

Wanna see my snack stash over at my locker? Here you go! My locker.. is B45.

The Overall view of my locker - I know its messy and I ain't dressin' it up! It's just too tiring!
So yeahh.. the food stash is that one below... marked with the blue-colored box.

Inside the bag.. you can see...

Some plain crackers... Jacob's... Oreos... Tuc... and Cheetos!
Check out my Instagram at rayns8 to see what i'm going to do with.. all of these. Soon!

The skittles are also a life-savior... :D


Yaay! Go home time!
After these crazy eating habit I've keepin, some friends and I still would like to go for some grubs
Well.. Some big bites and some small bites are ordered. I take the small plates of course!
One of the places my friends frequently visit is Natan in Ruko Singaraja.

So on the left is where we are sitting at.. You know.. it is just better outdoors enjoying the breeze at Ruko Singaraja - It somehows reassembles Bali you know.. Little Bali?

So from the left, I ordered Guo Tie.. Ion.. ordered their Chasiu Noodle. Bert with their Seafood Fried Rice.. and Josh with the I Fu Mie. We liked the food here. It's reasonably priced. Tasted okay. and the place is just good for chit chats.

any comments? feel free to drop your comments, ask me questions.. give me your inputs. and stuffs.

Love you all. 
Rayns Raymond.

Pujasera Sirkus
Jalan MH Thamrin
Lippo Cikarang
Ruko Singaraja at Jalan Singosari
Lippo Cikarang

Locker Room and Classroom
Sekolah Pelita Harapan International
Jalan Dago Raya
Lippo Cikarang

Santouka Ramen

Ah! Another ramen establishment in town is now open in Plaza Indonesia. After having well.. four of em tasted... (you can check em out here) Let's try this one down. This one.. is named Santouka. This post.. is totally fresh. I visited them just the day after their soft opening. 

To be honest, I arrived there quite late. Well.. not late to be exact.. It's just 11.15. Which means, they have just opened for 15 minutes that day. And well.. they're lined up already! Woww!
With this kind of queue, I waited for around like.. 30 minutes. patiently. with mum. :D
Their facade - showing replicas of their menus

After a while then we are offered seats by the captain. Well we shared seats with some other Japanese expats. Well sorry. My stomach can't just wait any longer for comfy seats. I WANNA EAT! As I place my butt on the chair, we are given this cold iced water. To me, its just tap water I guess. So I didn't touch em. Mum didn't touch em as well. After a sip then my mum and I ordered for our food. So here they've got four kinds of broth: Shio (Salty), Shoyu (Soy-sauce), Miso, and Kara-Miso (A spicy version of the miso, I guess.) Too bad that they didn't have the pork sides ready at the time of the visit!

Inside their ramen joint. Small and Squishy.

Dressings Available - just powdered chilli and pepper. On the right is the complimentary iced water I commented above. 

After waiting for sometime, here comes my fooood! Ta-dah!!
Small Shoyu Ramen

For me, its delicious :) but there's a few things I would like to say. First, The ramen less milky compared to other Ramen contenders like Marutama. Secondly, umm.. more chashu please? I paid 70k for it yo.

Small Shio Ramen

Mom said this one's okay. No more comments. She didn't really get it why an Umeboshi should be there...

For the sides, Yes. It's too bad that we cannot have the pork cheeks. We ordered Tori Kara-age instead. Its okay. But nothing special. To make even more delicious.. you definitely need to sprinkle some pepper.

In Conclusion, this new joint is delicious. But if I have to talk about the economic side.. I still prefer Marutama's. For me, its kinda overpriced for a small bowl of ramen. You can get a better value elsewhere. You can get more chashu in Ramen X and even... You can get a complimentary jelly in Ramen Y. and you can get a more milky broth as well in Ramen X. But the taste, well this place can offer you the original Japanese taste. I like their noodles though. Despite the long queue, I also got two vouchers. I'll definitely pay you guys another visit for the pork cheeks!

Your Brother in Food,
Rayns Raymond

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen
Plaza Indonesia
Jalan MH Thamrin

Untitled #2: Cheese Cake Factory and Sate Ayam Pondok Indah

Assessment week is coming up.. and I am getting close to my final senior year!
Diggin up to my food notebook :D, again I found some pictures and reviews to make a combined review like what I did earlier last month. This combined review only gives you two restaurants and contains more explanations - i think. Someone suggested me that I should add more words. So.. do you guys agree fellow readers? Send me your comments down below!

Okay. Let's cut to the chase!
All of the writing are written at the time of the visit :D

One tiring after school after all the necessary academic-related stuffs are submitted to each respective teachers, as Indonesian Literature students we are asked to watch "Sie Jin Kwie di Negri Sihir" in Taman Ismail Marzuki.

But Miss So! Can we go fill up our tummies before the act? You know us teenagers.. we have a big appetite for food. and creatures like us are also very easy to get asleep in well... Theatre act.
Just let us eat first so the show'll be good perhaps? :D

Then my classmates and I decide to have some cake-tasting at the Cheese Cake Factory in Cikini.
Cheese cake party! YAY!

We also ordered some savory dishes. 
The Onion Soup and The Meat Extravaganza Pizza.

 And above, is the ambience over at Cheese Cake Factory in Cikini.

Overall, after all the delicious cakes and pizza, We felt full and happy. We then depart to the Theatre to catch the act. One catch for the waiter and waitress there: Stop being fussy about menu books will ya? Chill dude! I'm not takin' it home!

Written in the calm month of March.. Not actually calm though. Its the month where I establish Foodgazette!
A day before I registered myself to, I visited the Gedung Hijau Foodcourt in Pondok Indah to buy some sate ayam (Chicken Satay) and some shu mai.

The Gedung Hijau Foodcourt

Before we go to the satay seller, we went to the shu mai seller.
Looks okay huh? :D

Um.. Rayns, where's the satay seller? Follow your nose. It'll lead you there :D
The chicken satay seller.. is located at the opposite edge of the foodcourt.

 Take a look at how much this dude is grilling! Wow! Lots of em!

The dude mixing em up with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.

After all the excitement of seeing lots of food in the Gedung Hijau foodcourt, we took all the food home.

And yum yum yum! The satay was delicious - cooked not too hard, yet not too soft, the peanut paste was okay. I added pepper to my paste tho... to make things a little bit hotter :D 
The shumai.. was delicious as well. Could use more meat maybe? 

Your Brother in Food,
Rayns Raymond.
Cheese Cake Factory
Jalan Cikini Raya

Sate Ayam Pondok Indah
Kompleks Ruko Gedung Hijau
Jalan Gedung Hijau Raya

Dim Sum Corner
Kompleks Ruko Gedung Hijau
Jalan Gedung Hijau Raya

Kambing Bakar Cairo (Cairo Grilled Lamb)

Last week was the premiere week of The Avengers and wow! It was a nice one. The IMAX theatre where I watched was fully occupied, and... Due to my late arrival at Gandaria city.. I was holding my hunger -_- i did not! Have the time to buy some snacks up for the movie... There was I..  Holding my hunger, my pee and my thirst. After the movies then.. We as youngsters - me, my sis, my bro in law and my coz.. rushed to:

Yes. Kambing Bakar Cairo (Cairo Grilled Lamb) And this was my first visit. See? See? You see their tagline? "Anda tidak ketagihan, Jangan anda bayar!!" translated: If you are not addicted, then dont pay for it!! Hmm.. Is YOUR grilled lamb gonna make me crave for more huhh?

So well. After seeing the menu, they've got Grilled Lamb, Soto Mesir,  and everything lamb and mariam breads. You can see below:

And after a few decision have been made regarding to what to order, here are the dishes that we ordered:


My coz ordered the Indomie Lamb Curry.  Regular Indomie topped with lamb cutlets and lime. Typical Indomie taste. haha. While Big Bro in law ordered the Soto Mesir.

While I say that these two dishes tastes so-so, here comes the main show of the night. and it is delicious.
The lamb doesn't smell at all. Cooked to perfection - resulting in a soft, yet tender meat. I chose the back side and the rib. And it looks like:

Accompanied with their soy sauce and pepper and some tomatoes

Big Bro in law decides to pour it to his hotplate and it looks deliciously sizzling!

Overall, this piece of meat is umm.. delicious! And they have proven what they said. Dont pay it if you are not addicted. Well.. maybe I'll revisit this joint again.. someday. haha :) This is just full of guilt eating it at ten in the evening... :( 

Kambing Bakar Cairo
Jalan Sambas
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Bogor Cafe

Ah. What a week I've been through last week... It was one tiring one!
Last week during class on Thursday, I was so DAMN hungry at that time. Having that peckish feeling... I made...
Sketches of food. Yes. I am not a good drawer -_____- Fels thinks I'm nuts because of this. But then, she is the one who circled and crossed the veggies in the shabu-shabu sketch.. :D Forgive me oh business book.

Okay. Let's get back to the point. so last friday night.. I went to Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur. Ah. This place.. Is one of my family's favorite place to dine. Ya... You know why. Or if don't know.. Scroll down below then!

For appetizers, they have one pentagon-shaped table with appetizers.
The cold dishes that were served:
The one below on the edge is.. Pempek. It was um okay. It's served cold by the way.
Next up, is the salad corner and the seafood corner and the cheese corner. Nothing special.

And finally, sashimis...! yeaaay! Which.. I took some to my table.

They also have ketoprak and fried bean sprouts (toge goreng!) served that night. and yum yum yum.

Yes Yes Yes. Let's just go the main diva of the night... It is the Legendary Oxtail Soup.
Like what the name says. This pot is full-of-love! It's delicious. It's just delicious and taste like no other.
See? See? See? Less the fat.. :)

They also have breads

and traditional desserts as well.

Overall, I just love eating in Bogor Cafe. Trust me, I have visited this place very often since I was young and small. From time to time.. well.. Bogor Cafe has been serving up delicious and yummy meals since then. Most importantly however, is that their Legendary Oxtail Soup.. Always stays the same. :D

Your Brother in food,
Rayns Raymond
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Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur
Ground Floor
Jalan Lapangan Banteng