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Ah. What a week I've been through last week... It was one tiring one!
Last week during class on Thursday, I was so DAMN hungry at that time. Having that peckish feeling... I made...
Sketches of food. Yes. I am not a good drawer -_____- Fels thinks I'm nuts because of this. But then, she is the one who circled and crossed the veggies in the shabu-shabu sketch.. :D Forgive me oh business book.

Okay. Let's get back to the point. so last friday night.. I went to Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur. Ah. This place.. Is one of my family's favorite place to dine. Ya... You know why. Or if don't know.. Scroll down below then!

For appetizers, they have one pentagon-shaped table with appetizers.
The cold dishes that were served:
The one below on the edge is.. Pempek. It was um okay. It's served cold by the way.
Next up, is the salad corner and the seafood corner and the cheese corner. Nothing special.

And finally, sashimis...! yeaaay! Which.. I took some to my table.

They also have ketoprak and fried bean sprouts (toge goreng!) served that night. and yum yum yum.

Yes Yes Yes. Let's just go the main diva of the night... It is the Legendary Oxtail Soup.
Like what the name says. This pot is full-of-love! It's delicious. It's just delicious and taste like no other.
See? See? See? Less the fat.. :)

They also have breads

and traditional desserts as well.

Overall, I just love eating in Bogor Cafe. Trust me, I have visited this place very often since I was young and small. From time to time.. well.. Bogor Cafe has been serving up delicious and yummy meals since then. Most importantly however, is that their Legendary Oxtail Soup.. Always stays the same. :D

Your Brother in food,
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Bogor Cafe at Hotel Borobudur
Ground Floor
Jalan Lapangan Banteng

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