Eating like a Big, Fat Highschooler. :D

Being a high school student these days is a real tough job. I admit. For me, I have tons of paperworks to be completed before Q3 2013 ends. From Literary essays to Social essays, Math essays to Information Technology essays until Science essays and reports... All must be submitted before Q3 2013 and will be sent to the curriculum organization thingy... Somewhere on Earth.

However, my work does not end there. There are still other homework. There are those poetic books written an archaic Indonesian or English I must read... There are those disgusting math exercises. There are those business case study I have to understand in which... the questions are damn hard. And then.. there are also those biology stuffs. Like Mr. Jones said, learning biology is like learning a new language. And more stuffs too.

Lets get back to the food stuffs. In regards to doing all those stuffs ? For sure, leaving my stomach empty and my mouth bland is a bad thing as I will definitely get distracted very easily. So.. Lets just eat first before completing all those sh*tty tasks as they require *exhale* lots of energy. So today, I decided to bring my camera with me today to school to observe me, and the #grade11sphlc1112 eating habit.. which is getting crazy lately.


This is the time where people are still dizzy from their sleepiness. In order to get rid of those feeling, something warm and cozy is needed.
A bowl of porridge from Hans. You can check more about Hans here

But in case where 90% of the population arrives exactly five minutes before devotions (like today), sweet biscuits and crackers can help. Thanks to Tash who frequently brought these kinds of delight to school :D
Today, Liz brought those Butter Coconut Biscuits and then Tash brewed a soothing Jasmine tea.. :D

Calv can also get nuts. By now, It has been nearly five times since he had a cup of slurpee early in the morning. I guess putting your head into brain-freeze can make you stay up huh Calv?


Lets see.. If I arrive two minutes before devotions.. There wont be enough time for me to grab some bites.. So, the food have to wait till break. ^_^ as the bell for break finally rang.. we then rushed to our lockers, grab our meals, and set up this eating-gossiping-relaxing conference outside of our home base. Ahh~ what a joy...

Lets observe everyone's meal today.

So yeah. As you can see.. (From top left to bottom right, in order) you can see Willy having some butter rolls.. Fels having some fried eggrolls.. Spencie on his diet food... (he claimed its all STEAMED. NOT FRIED OR SAUTEED) Iyas on his toast.. Krish on his donut? Peter on his Tokpokki + Ultra Chocolate, Eka eating his chicken noodles.. and William with his fried rice.

Tash and Lazz.. brought something special today. They brought pork dishes! Below here is Tash's soy-cooked pork

and below here is Lazz with Willy joinin her - showing off her Bacon and egg! yumm~


Lunch is the time where everyone gets hungry for real. Just three hours after morning break, Now its the time for something heavy. There's nothing really special for this one though...


Class interchanges... Can be both tiring and sleepy. Especially.. When we have to move from Science/Literature classes, to Biblical Studies/Art. In order to avoid discomfort.. I would eat some crackers like Ritz on my way to those classes! Well I aint complaining about any classes in case any of my teachers drops by. (Hi Miss! Hi Sir! Welcome to my blog!)

Wanna see my snack stash over at my locker? Here you go! My locker.. is B45.

The Overall view of my locker - I know its messy and I ain't dressin' it up! It's just too tiring!
So yeahh.. the food stash is that one below... marked with the blue-colored box.

Inside the bag.. you can see...

Some plain crackers... Jacob's... Oreos... Tuc... and Cheetos!
Check out my Instagram at rayns8 to see what i'm going to do with.. all of these. Soon!

The skittles are also a life-savior... :D


Yaay! Go home time!
After these crazy eating habit I've keepin, some friends and I still would like to go for some grubs
Well.. Some big bites and some small bites are ordered. I take the small plates of course!
One of the places my friends frequently visit is Natan in Ruko Singaraja.

So on the left is where we are sitting at.. You know.. it is just better outdoors enjoying the breeze at Ruko Singaraja - It somehows reassembles Bali you know.. Little Bali?

So from the left, I ordered Guo Tie.. Ion.. ordered their Chasiu Noodle. Bert with their Seafood Fried Rice.. and Josh with the I Fu Mie. We liked the food here. It's reasonably priced. Tasted okay. and the place is just good for chit chats.

any comments? feel free to drop your comments, ask me questions.. give me your inputs. and stuffs.

Love you all. 
Rayns Raymond.

Pujasera Sirkus
Jalan MH Thamrin
Lippo Cikarang
Ruko Singaraja at Jalan Singosari
Lippo Cikarang

Locker Room and Classroom
Sekolah Pelita Harapan International
Jalan Dago Raya
Lippo Cikarang


  1. Whoa. your assignments and readings sound complicated, and I wish my high school was as sophisticated as yours!ahaha. back then, my fav brekkie was just bubur ayam from gerobak abang" hahaha

    1. Yes. My assignments are that much. :)
      No. You better not wish for that! It's.. taking away so much precious time!