Kambing Bakar Cairo (Cairo Grilled Lamb)

Last week was the premiere week of The Avengers and wow! It was a nice one. The IMAX theatre where I watched was fully occupied, and... Due to my late arrival at Gandaria city.. I was holding my hunger -_- i did not! Have the time to buy some snacks up for the movie... There was I..  Holding my hunger, my pee and my thirst. After the movies then.. We as youngsters - me, my sis, my bro in law and my coz.. rushed to:

Yes. Kambing Bakar Cairo (Cairo Grilled Lamb) And this was my first visit. See? See? You see their tagline? "Anda tidak ketagihan, Jangan anda bayar!!" translated: If you are not addicted, then dont pay for it!! Hmm.. Is YOUR grilled lamb gonna make me crave for more huhh?

So well. After seeing the menu, they've got Grilled Lamb, Soto Mesir,  and everything lamb and mariam breads. You can see below:

And after a few decision have been made regarding to what to order, here are the dishes that we ordered:


My coz ordered the Indomie Lamb Curry.  Regular Indomie topped with lamb cutlets and lime. Typical Indomie taste. haha. While Big Bro in law ordered the Soto Mesir.

While I say that these two dishes tastes so-so, here comes the main show of the night. and it is delicious.
The lamb doesn't smell at all. Cooked to perfection - resulting in a soft, yet tender meat. I chose the back side and the rib. And it looks like:

Accompanied with their soy sauce and pepper and some tomatoes

Big Bro in law decides to pour it to his hotplate and it looks deliciously sizzling!

Overall, this piece of meat is umm.. delicious! And they have proven what they said. Dont pay it if you are not addicted. Well.. maybe I'll revisit this joint again.. someday. haha :) This is just full of guilt eating it at ten in the evening... :( 

Kambing Bakar Cairo
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