Santouka Ramen

Ah! Another ramen establishment in town is now open in Plaza Indonesia. After having well.. four of em tasted... (you can check em out here) Let's try this one down. This one.. is named Santouka. This post.. is totally fresh. I visited them just the day after their soft opening. 

To be honest, I arrived there quite late. Well.. not late to be exact.. It's just 11.15. Which means, they have just opened for 15 minutes that day. And well.. they're lined up already! Woww!
With this kind of queue, I waited for around like.. 30 minutes. patiently. with mum. :D
Their facade - showing replicas of their menus

After a while then we are offered seats by the captain. Well we shared seats with some other Japanese expats. Well sorry. My stomach can't just wait any longer for comfy seats. I WANNA EAT! As I place my butt on the chair, we are given this cold iced water. To me, its just tap water I guess. So I didn't touch em. Mum didn't touch em as well. After a sip then my mum and I ordered for our food. So here they've got four kinds of broth: Shio (Salty), Shoyu (Soy-sauce), Miso, and Kara-Miso (A spicy version of the miso, I guess.) Too bad that they didn't have the pork sides ready at the time of the visit!

Inside their ramen joint. Small and Squishy.

Dressings Available - just powdered chilli and pepper. On the right is the complimentary iced water I commented above. 

After waiting for sometime, here comes my fooood! Ta-dah!!
Small Shoyu Ramen

For me, its delicious :) but there's a few things I would like to say. First, The ramen less milky compared to other Ramen contenders like Marutama. Secondly, umm.. more chashu please? I paid 70k for it yo.

Small Shio Ramen

Mom said this one's okay. No more comments. She didn't really get it why an Umeboshi should be there...

For the sides, Yes. It's too bad that we cannot have the pork cheeks. We ordered Tori Kara-age instead. Its okay. But nothing special. To make even more delicious.. you definitely need to sprinkle some pepper.

In Conclusion, this new joint is delicious. But if I have to talk about the economic side.. I still prefer Marutama's. For me, its kinda overpriced for a small bowl of ramen. You can get a better value elsewhere. You can get more chashu in Ramen X and even... You can get a complimentary jelly in Ramen Y. and you can get a more milky broth as well in Ramen X. But the taste, well this place can offer you the original Japanese taste. I like their noodles though. Despite the long queue, I also got two vouchers. I'll definitely pay you guys another visit for the pork cheeks!

Your Brother in Food,
Rayns Raymond

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen
Plaza Indonesia
Jalan MH Thamrin

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