Untitled #2: Cheese Cake Factory and Sate Ayam Pondok Indah

Assessment week is coming up.. and I am getting close to my final senior year!
Diggin up to my food notebook :D, again I found some pictures and reviews to make a combined review like what I did earlier last month. This combined review only gives you two restaurants and contains more explanations - i think. Someone suggested me that I should add more words. So.. do you guys agree fellow readers? Send me your comments down below!

Okay. Let's cut to the chase!
All of the writing are written at the time of the visit :D

One tiring after school after all the necessary academic-related stuffs are submitted to each respective teachers, as Indonesian Literature students we are asked to watch "Sie Jin Kwie di Negri Sihir" in Taman Ismail Marzuki.

But Miss So! Can we go fill up our tummies before the act? You know us teenagers.. we have a big appetite for food. and creatures like us are also very easy to get asleep in well... Theatre act.
Just let us eat first so the show'll be good perhaps? :D

Then my classmates and I decide to have some cake-tasting at the Cheese Cake Factory in Cikini.
Cheese cake party! YAY!

We also ordered some savory dishes. 
The Onion Soup and The Meat Extravaganza Pizza.

 And above, is the ambience over at Cheese Cake Factory in Cikini.

Overall, after all the delicious cakes and pizza, We felt full and happy. We then depart to the Theatre to catch the act. One catch for the waiter and waitress there: Stop being fussy about menu books will ya? Chill dude! I'm not takin' it home!

Written in the calm month of March.. Not actually calm though. Its the month where I establish Foodgazette!
A day before I registered myself to Blogger.com, I visited the Gedung Hijau Foodcourt in Pondok Indah to buy some sate ayam (Chicken Satay) and some shu mai.

The Gedung Hijau Foodcourt

Before we go to the satay seller, we went to the shu mai seller.
Looks okay huh? :D

Um.. Rayns, where's the satay seller? Follow your nose. It'll lead you there :D
The chicken satay seller.. is located at the opposite edge of the foodcourt.

 Take a look at how much this dude is grilling! Wow! Lots of em!

The dude mixing em up with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.

After all the excitement of seeing lots of food in the Gedung Hijau foodcourt, we took all the food home.

And yum yum yum! The satay was delicious - cooked not too hard, yet not too soft, the peanut paste was okay. I added pepper to my paste tho... to make things a little bit hotter :D 
The shumai.. was delicious as well. Could use more meat maybe? 

Your Brother in Food,
Rayns Raymond.
Cheese Cake Factory
Jalan Cikini Raya

Sate Ayam Pondok Indah
Kompleks Ruko Gedung Hijau
Jalan Gedung Hijau Raya

Dim Sum Corner
Kompleks Ruko Gedung Hijau
Jalan Gedung Hijau Raya

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