Small Bites from the Streets of Tsim Sha Tsui #1: Gong Cha Bubble Tea

Continuing on my Hong Kong trip few weeks ago.. I still have a few more goodies to be shared to you guys! This time well um.. I'm gonna share to you guys what I had ate in Hong Kong when.. my stomach feels.. you know. That feeling.. um.. you feel a bit peckish.. but actually.. you're still full with all the stuffs you've eaten previously. With that kind of feeling.. Its really hard to judge whether you and I actually need to eat something. I FEEL TEMPTED TO EAT OHH!

During the trip, It is just my luck that I picked a hotel on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui rather than well.. following my sis' desire to stay in the resort hotel in Disneyland! As I observed the pedestrians who walked.. I frequently recognize someone carrying a glass of Bubble Tea. Curious with all these people who carry this glass of Bubble Tea.... Where the hell should I buy a glass of these kind of drink? Even Inez from has already told me to hunt for some bubble tea! But jeez! I ain't seeing any stalls selling bubble tea! But as I walk back towards the hotel during a rainy evening... I finally found the Bubble Tea vendor where everyone has been getting their tea from.

Sorry for the bad pic. As you can see. Well... again. It was raining that day. So here I am crossing the rain. Without an umbrella. Sis was too slow to catch me walk across. -__-

So like other bubble tea vendors.. Nowadays you've got the power to choose how much ice you want.. and how much sugar you want. Right? Right? So then I asked the guy who serves at the cashier for their favorite menu. So then he replied: "Our favorite menu was um.. the Fresh Milk Black Tea!" so well okay then. That'll be my order. As well as the Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl. I wonder why I didn't order their Taro Milk Tea since they have it on their menu as well... hmm...

 After waiting for my order.. My sis and I then walk back to our hotel. At our hotel room...

So here it is. On the right is their Fresh Milk Black Tea and on the right.. is their Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls.. or Boba. I have to agree with the fact that Gong Cha's bubble tea has a very strong tea flavor and scent. And I like it. Despite being forgetful to ask the no ice option and consuming it when all the ice cubes has melt.. The taste of this baby... is still very bold. Love it! The same goes for the Milk tea with Tapioca Pearls. Nothing special with the tapioca pearls though.. it tasted just the same as any other tapioca pearls. But overall, I love the tea.  Just refreshing enough to calm my tired mind. :)

Gong Cha
Granville Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Sushi One, HK

First of all, I would like to apologize for any delays that occur during the baking process of this post. Apparently, a rival ISP has cut down my internet cable the other day.. turning my connection off for four days. And now.. here I am with everything working juust fine.

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Okay. Lets get back to the point. shall we?

Seeing this kind of crowd the other night makes me curious about this establishment not far from where I am staying in Hong Kong. Well.. the last time I've been to Hong Kong was.. Seven years ago? Things have changed a lot for sure.

So after all the craziness (not thrill) I had in Disneyland.. I then head to the same Sushi One during a late lunch. Therefore... The place was nearly empty. But there's some customers with us as well. Ah. Finally! A peaceful lunch.

Once me and my family was fitted in... We then filled out our orders on our own.. and you know what? It was really puzzling (I borrowed this from someone) filling out all these sheets. Seriously. The writing was too small for my parents to read... and there was just too much forms to see and fill.

And yeah. As a family, we took a very long time sorting out all our orders. But as the foods arrive.. yaaay!

So from left to right: Inari, Sashimi and Shrimp Sushi is okay..
                                     The Beef Roll: Something that I have never tasted in any Sushi joints in Indo.. and
                                     this one's actually unique! But this one's raw. So mum dislikes it.
                                     Tempura Roll: The same said so.
                                     Hiroshima Oyster with Cheese: I love the idea.. :)
                                     Seared Supreme Wagyu Beef: One word.. Delicious. Comes in a heavy price tag
                                     tho.. 1 portion = 1 roll.

The order does not end there.. we also ordered:
The said-to-be bite-sized Tonkatsu.

Agedashi Tofu. To be truthfully honest.. I like this tofu. I don't know why.. I used to not really like Agedashi Tofu.. But this one's okay. And its nice.. With not too much soy sauce all-over it, it tasted just fine. Not too salty.. and most importantly, no katsuobushi. I like katsuobushi.. but sometimes.. these bushes can get really annoying. SERIOUSLY. Some joints in JKT does annoy me -___-

Enough with the Katsuobushi.. I also ordered these sizzling dishes:

Left: Hotplate Scallop (Hotate) Right: Skewed Mushroom and Bacon & Asparagus Skewer

And lastly, I've got three more sushis that I wanted to share! (The pictures. And how it taste. Not the sushi :D). There's a saying.. Save the best for last! And these are the three dishes that I love the most.

From left to right:
So first, we got the Shrimp Tempura Roll. My favorite. I'll definitely order this kind of sushi at any establishment and this has been one of the best.
Next up.. is the Salmon and Inari Roll. Love it. The salmon is thin enough. And its okay.
Lastly.. is the is the Crab stick with Cheese and Crab Roe. Y-U-M. My mistake with the plastic cover. I finished this one quite fast.. so.. you know why.

To wrap-up, I love Sushi One. It has offered me a new Sushi experience from what I have been experiencing in Jakarta. Despite the um.. menu issue.. Now I understand why this place is crowded by lots of pedestrians the other night. The sushi's quite nice.. (CRAB STICK WITH CHEESE AND CRAB ROE AND THE WAGYU THINGY IS A TWO THUMBS UP) and The ambience's okay. I'll be sure to visit this joint again when I revisit HK some other time.

Sushi One
Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Laurel Chinese Restaurant, Galaxy Macau

A few days ago, I went to Hong Kong and Macau to visit some relatives who are now indeed a citizen of the area. Food? Of course. In fact, despite the Chinese food boredom, I truly enjoyed most of the food I ate during the trip. Without further a due, let's begin the journey!

On my third day, I went to Macau to see all the beauty the Island has to offer and to meet my other relatives who resides in Macau. Having an afternoon arrival in Macau, I was picked up by my relatives from the port. (Geez! I hate sailing through the seas!) We then hanged out a while on a cafe located not far from the port (A review on this will be coming shortly) and after that, we head to the glitzier part of Macau. Casinos! At our arrival, I found out that actually, my relatives has already arranged a special dinner for us at the Galaxy Resorts in Macau at the Laurel Chinese Restaurant.

 The Restaurant Interior

However sadly, due to the big party we brought... We had to use the function room to fit us all. 

Despite the function room issue and the lack of view we can enjoy.. Let's just cut to the food shall we?
So for the pickles, we were given the tofu (front).. and the pork ears (back).  

Without any clear appetizers, the first dish that came out is the Preserved Vegetables and Turnip cooked with a hot coconut milk. Quite tasty and unique. A perfect choice for the cold weather. 

Next, are the pork dishes. From top-to-bottom, first up is the Simmered Pork Belly. This one's delicious for sure.. But then.. Well.. You better not peek on the fat while you're eating em... It is too guilty and too delicious to be true... The second dish.. is the Pork Feet. I didn't touch em.. as this dish is too creepy to be true in my opinion.. But my relatives sure ate them in a blazing fast speed..

The third dish on the table is the BBQ Platter. Well.. they are actually.. roasted pork cooked in Hoisin Sauce. Basically, this is one of the best grilled pork I ever had in my life. Hmm.. So tender and soo sweet.. Lastly, is the sweet and sour pork. Nothing special with the sauce though.. but this restaurant sure serve up one of the best pork cuts I ever had.

Continuing on with the feast.. we also had the Roasted Peking Duck. This is definitely the dish everyone love! The duck served here is BIG. Take a look above. Prepared and served with crackers on the plate.. The duck skin is crispy and light. I myself was amazed with the overall presentation on how this dish is served here.. Its just so attractive and completely served with all the sauces and pickle you'd need.

What about the meat? The meat from the duck is then shredded, and cooked with soy sauce. Served with cabbage like below:

For the carbohydrates in regards to this dinner, we ordered the Seafood Fried Rice. Inside it is asparagus, eggs, and some crab meat.

However.. Things are just not complete without a dedicated veggie menu. We also ordered The Green Mustard Soup cooked in Fish Broth. Just Delicious and just refreshing.. Heated with stove to keep the dish pipin' hot as we finish this dish up.

My sis felt unsatisfied without having any paos for dinner. Because of that, we also add some fried Chinese Buns into the table. and another yum for this dish.

Hence the so-regular menu and some simple dishes that can be found in Chinese Restaurants in Jakarta, Laurel offers it with a twist through a fine dining experience and cooked with a different approach. Therefore, this is a totally unique dining experience for me and my family as we went to HK and Macau.

Thanks to my aunts who prepared this special dinner for me and my family! 

PS: Expect more and more food reviews made in Hong Kong and Macau in the coming weeks!
Laurel Chinese Restaurant, 
Galaxy Casinos and Hotel Complex
Macau SAR of China