Laurel Chinese Restaurant, Galaxy Macau

A few days ago, I went to Hong Kong and Macau to visit some relatives who are now indeed a citizen of the area. Food? Of course. In fact, despite the Chinese food boredom, I truly enjoyed most of the food I ate during the trip. Without further a due, let's begin the journey!

On my third day, I went to Macau to see all the beauty the Island has to offer and to meet my other relatives who resides in Macau. Having an afternoon arrival in Macau, I was picked up by my relatives from the port. (Geez! I hate sailing through the seas!) We then hanged out a while on a cafe located not far from the port (A review on this will be coming shortly) and after that, we head to the glitzier part of Macau. Casinos! At our arrival, I found out that actually, my relatives has already arranged a special dinner for us at the Galaxy Resorts in Macau at the Laurel Chinese Restaurant.

 The Restaurant Interior

However sadly, due to the big party we brought... We had to use the function room to fit us all. 

Despite the function room issue and the lack of view we can enjoy.. Let's just cut to the food shall we?
So for the pickles, we were given the tofu (front).. and the pork ears (back).  

Without any clear appetizers, the first dish that came out is the Preserved Vegetables and Turnip cooked with a hot coconut milk. Quite tasty and unique. A perfect choice for the cold weather. 

Next, are the pork dishes. From top-to-bottom, first up is the Simmered Pork Belly. This one's delicious for sure.. But then.. Well.. You better not peek on the fat while you're eating em... It is too guilty and too delicious to be true... The second dish.. is the Pork Feet. I didn't touch em.. as this dish is too creepy to be true in my opinion.. But my relatives sure ate them in a blazing fast speed..

The third dish on the table is the BBQ Platter. Well.. they are actually.. roasted pork cooked in Hoisin Sauce. Basically, this is one of the best grilled pork I ever had in my life. Hmm.. So tender and soo sweet.. Lastly, is the sweet and sour pork. Nothing special with the sauce though.. but this restaurant sure serve up one of the best pork cuts I ever had.

Continuing on with the feast.. we also had the Roasted Peking Duck. This is definitely the dish everyone love! The duck served here is BIG. Take a look above. Prepared and served with crackers on the plate.. The duck skin is crispy and light. I myself was amazed with the overall presentation on how this dish is served here.. Its just so attractive and completely served with all the sauces and pickle you'd need.

What about the meat? The meat from the duck is then shredded, and cooked with soy sauce. Served with cabbage like below:

For the carbohydrates in regards to this dinner, we ordered the Seafood Fried Rice. Inside it is asparagus, eggs, and some crab meat.

However.. Things are just not complete without a dedicated veggie menu. We also ordered The Green Mustard Soup cooked in Fish Broth. Just Delicious and just refreshing.. Heated with stove to keep the dish pipin' hot as we finish this dish up.

My sis felt unsatisfied without having any paos for dinner. Because of that, we also add some fried Chinese Buns into the table. and another yum for this dish.

Hence the so-regular menu and some simple dishes that can be found in Chinese Restaurants in Jakarta, Laurel offers it with a twist through a fine dining experience and cooked with a different approach. Therefore, this is a totally unique dining experience for me and my family as we went to HK and Macau.

Thanks to my aunts who prepared this special dinner for me and my family! 

PS: Expect more and more food reviews made in Hong Kong and Macau in the coming weeks!
Laurel Chinese Restaurant, 
Galaxy Casinos and Hotel Complex
Macau SAR of China

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