The Baked Goods

Hi folks! Sorry for being gone for like a while! I've been... busy. So this summer break.. I've been going out.. I've taken photography courses to improve my skills of course! and.. some personal problems.
Once again, truly sorry for this delay. I promise to post more stuffs in the coming weeks in exchange. :)

Well actually, I still have more Hong Kong stuffs I wanna share.. But then.. Let's take a break from all the Hong Kong stuffs first. I would like to get on something.. more local. hehe. So, as I was reading some free-to-grab magazine, I found a advertorial on The Baked Goods as they launch their new lineups of Diabetic Cakes and Cookies. What has drawn my interest is of course.. their diabetic cakes. I gotta get some of them for mom.. (Yes, mom has diabetics...) and for myself as well.. Sugar free stuffs are safer aren't it? hahhaa :)

So one afternoon, I went to here to The Baked Goods to grab those cakes. And they're opened so early!
I arrived there at 8.00AM... and they're ready to serve me...

Looking at their cookie rack.. Hmm.. Lots of em. But for the Diabetic ones.. They've got the Dark Chocolate with Cashew Cookies, Lemon Poppyseed, and the Oatmeal. Of course they've got more cookies that are NOT sugar free. Like Below.

So yeah. Since I am there and I have time... I decided to give them a taste first and take some pictures.. Before.. Giving them to mom.. I'm making sure its delicious you know... :D As a companion for this taste-time, I ordered Rosella Tea. mm.. What a drink I ordered... I must be crazy at that time to order something that sounded really.. flowery? -__- But its quite refreshing! Sweet-sourish..

First up for taste.. is the Diabetic version of the Carrot Cake. While I never tasted their Original Version of the Carrot Cake.. This one's delicious. Looks Good.. and taste good as well. I can sense that sweet carrots are used in the making of this cake.. making it tasty and less guilty. So.. the usage of sweeteners can be reduced then!

Second up.. Is their Diabetic Version of their Oat Cranberry Cake. While I am not a fan of Berries.. I guess.. Its up to mom for the judging :)

Lastly, I also bought their Dark Chocolate with Cashew Diabetic Cookies. I have also bought the regular version of it.. And I guess this thingy is quite addictive :) Its chocolatey.. and just nice for me. Wish that my dermatologist could stop banning me from the no-NUTS ban so I can eat more of these...

Overall. Great sugar free stuff they've got here.. And.. well yeah. I was happy that Mom could eat up some delicious carrot cakes and chocolate cookies. :) One thing to note though.. Diabetic-friendly stuffs is sure pricey.... But that's okay! I'll buy anything safe for you mom! Love you!

The Baked Goods
Jl. H Agus Salim