Holiday Snacking - Tokyo Banana, Igor's Banana n Cheese Bun and more!

Summer holiday is coming to an end.. Therefore.. I need to get ready for school in about less than a week by now. Oh my.. With the remaining time available for this holiday... One thing I did for sure was to hunt for delicious meals! Enough said of Jakarta's restaurants. There are too many of them already and um.. Sometimes it becomes hard for me.. you know. which one should I visit for lunch or dinner?

Nevermind. Since this is holiday, I sure do get some goodies from friends and relatives who went outside Jakarta for their holiday. This post is to share to you guys what I have been eating for snack or.. when I feel a little peckish. Thanks to my aunt, Bro Kev who contributed by supplying delicious goodies for me!

First on my list of snacks are.. Tokyo Bananas!

Okay. So if you have never heard of this thingy.. this thingy is actually a cake. A cake filled with gooey banana cream. This one's filled with Banana Caramel filling. Tasty. The sponge of this cake is also very smooth.. Thanks to Jess for this package!

Second on my list.. Is the Banana Cheese bun from Igor's Pastry! Well I had a little fun with the bun to get this kind of shot.. haha.
Well yes. Another Banana creation. So as you can see from the pic.. It is cheesy. The Banana? It was caramelized I guess. So imagine. The sweetness of caramelized bananas.. with some cheese. MM.. tasty. My favorite. Thanks to Bro Kev who brought them from Surabaya for myself!

Third.. Not a goodie from someone else. And instead, I bought them on my own during my last visit to Hong Kong.

So starting from the left, I bought the Senjaku Milk Candies. Different from the um.. Chinese Rabbit milk candies.. This one's not too sweet.. and still milky... YUM YUM YUM. Next to it is Calbee Jagabee French Fries. Not much of a difference when compared to the Indonesian french fries snack which imitates the look of a french fries.. But this one's tasty. I liked the seasoning of this Jagabee. The crispiness makes it perfect for this snack. Seriously.

On the edge.. Yes. Lay's. While I didn't buy this in Hong Kong as this type of Lay's can be easily found in Supermarkets like TheFoodHall or Kem Chicks or Ranch.. I decide to include this baby in this family picture. I love the Barbecue seasoning of this. And its perfect to accompany me and my games. The same treatment goes to the Nachos! So yeah. Ricos' Nachos. While this exact food can be found in 21/XXI's concessions.. They were never sold in supermarkets here in Indonesia. So yeah. I decided to bought home some of these from Hong Kong. When the cheese sauce is microwaved and that white package is opened.. You'll get the exact same nachos you had for the movies. 

Fourth... So you see the blurred bun in the background of the Banana Cheese Bun photo? Yes. while previously I showed you Banana and Cheese Bun.. This one below is a simple cheese bun (Roti Keju). Just a bun filled with grated cheese. This one comes from Roti Henis.

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