Baralek Rendang / Rendang Traveler's Event

Post Disclaimer: Beware. Many Writings. Many Pictures. Please enjoy them all!

Instead of writing this post at a later date with the notes that I took during the visit, I opted to bake this post when my mind's still fresh about the event. Well.. The posting date? Never mind. I post things slowly. I'm a busy student with my agendas marked.. Everywhere.

So somewhere during the month of July, I received an email from Azanaya for their next event. The Baralek Rendang. Set to take on the 4TH of August, 2012. Curious about events like the Underground Secret Dining and events such like, I booked a place for me and Lou.

D-day. So here I am, goin to the event with Lou. Was a sunny and a hot day, we arrive there late and miss two events: The sensory game and the presentation from Reno Andam Suri, the one who wrote the Rendang Traveler book. Indeed, I have purchased and now reading the book when I have the time.

During my arrival, yes. Again I repeat, I was late. So during my arrival.. Everyone was breaking their fast and ate the Serabi. It was okay.

With everyone ready to resume the event after breaking fast, there goes another opportunity for another presentation from Chef Adzan. This time, its about the cooking stuffs. Even though I am not a cook or someone that is able to cook.. I sure learn many things from him in regards to food and its ingredients behind it. One essential ingredient that was brought up was the Coconut. As mentioned by Chef Adzan and Lisa, every grown ingredients will have a different characteristics and taste depending on where they are grown. For example, Coconuts grown in the hilly areas will tend to have its soil taste and scent while Coconuts grown near shores will tend to have a sweeter taste. The same with Coconuts grown in Beaches: they will taste richer compared to other coconuts due to the existence of salt water.   So well here: I've got three of them compared:

Well yes. At one point, I sensed the aroma of Rendangs being prepared.. I decide to sneakily went to their preparation room and asked whether if I may take some pictures. And of course.. It's a yes! yay!

Lets start with the Rendang selections available that night.

Rendang Telur - crispy, delicious and rich! One of the best Indonesian food I had!

Rendang Tumbuk - Meatball cooked 'rendang''style 

Rendang Belut Sawah (Eel Rendang) - One of the best Indonesian food I had in life!

Rendang Lokan - Well.. Correct me if I am wrong with this one. please!

Sambal Goreng Buncis

Done taking pictures of these mouthwatering rendang-cooked food, I returned back to my seat and then wait hungrily while waiting until its time to eat. Still.. After more discussions.. It's finally time. We are then served with all these creations and eat in 'minang' style together with all the participants.

And yeah. Located in the middle above is the Rendang Daun Kayu and some Sambal Cabe Ijo below.

Lou's plate - Dressed neat only for the sake of this photoshoot. Thanks lo!

And for desserts, we are served by another 'rendang' style food. It was the Bareh Rendang. Sweet and Coconut-ey! (Is there even such word? :D )

Time was limited, I also spoke with both Lisa Virgiano, the lady behind Azanaya and Mam Reno. From both conversations, Lisa said:  "Jangan cuma tahu rainbow cake, macaroons and cupcakes! Makanan Indonesia juga harus tahu!" (Don't just only acknowledge rainbow cake, macaroons and cupcakes!") well for me, this is true. I myself just realized that I have never posted anything in relates to Indonesian culinary since my blog was established. The same words came from Ibu Reno: "Kita butuh generasi muda Indonesia untuk mempromosikan makanan Indonesia." (We need the young generations of Indonesia to promote Indonesian culinary.") I do agree with both of these statements. So.. wish I could have more local foods over at my blog.. :D (pray for me so I could make it happen guys!)

In Conclusion, I had a fantastic time. I got to experience the taste of various rendang, learn new things, and also, inspired. Should not mistaken rendang as a type of dish, but as a cooking method.  Thanks to Azanaya, Ibu Reno, Ibu Lisa, and everyone for the wonderful time. :) Also thanks to Lou for accompanying me. :)

Rayns Raymond.

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