Cakes Cakes Cakes and a cup of Ice Cream from HK + Durian Cheesecake! :)

Okay. Who hates cakes? No one. Even though there's many kinds of cakes.. a cake has a sponge, a filling, some has cream.. and bla.

While there will be no way I can explore different kinds of cakes that are available in this era.. Here I decided to make a recap of all the cakes and sweets I tasted in Hong Kong during my visit last June. Sorry for the delays.. But here it is.

1. Two mini-cakes from Agnes B.

Okay. For this one.. I didn't actually expect this one to be just a cake review as I actually wanted to review their cafe as a whole. But due to the massive crowd.. I can only take away these two cakes back to my hotel and a cup of Hot Chocolate. The Valencia, is a dark chocolate cake basically, and was powdered with this purplish-material. I love this cake though. The chocolate and the sweetness is just fine for me. You know what? At first I thought that this is a yam cake!

The second cake from Agnes B was named... Carla. Hey Carla. So she's a cheesecake. A milky, creamy cheesecake. Sis said this was a plain cream cake. But nice names huh?

2. Durian Cheescake from Park Hotel

Mmm! CHEESECAKE! Every where I go.. There seems to be a delicious delicacy invloving cheese in the making, This one's too! But what about.. Combining Durian and Cheese? Hmm.. Is it really gonna work out? But YES! This baby is an interesting combination....! The fresh smell of durian.. Enhanced with the richness of cheese. Delicious. Not too sweet, and the durian scent is just right! The fresh peach.. is a nice decoration and a nice fruit to loosen things up. :)

The Durian Cheesecake, sliced.

3. Eclairs from La Maison du Chocolat

Sorry for the bad angle on this one - the store clerk has scolded me twice (this eclair was the first) as I was making the purchase in their Store located in The Elements. Despite the scold - their eclair tastes like heaven. Soo delicious. Especially, the caramel one (below). Soo rich.

4. Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

The second scold from the store clerk.. resulted from this cupped ice cream. Hey! I love taking pictures of food! DUH! Well whatever. I hate debates so I paid for the eclair, the ice cream, and leave and took this pic of Dark Chocolate Ice Cream just outside their store. Happy now?
Well whatever, Again. another delicious treat. The Chocolate was dark enough to make me feel entertained and have let loose of my anger towards that particular store clerk. Next visit, stop being so fussy okay?

Overall, Nice sweets hunt. Love my sweets time in HK.


  1. Replies
    1. well yes. you should when you've got the chance. :) I do want more durian cheesecake!

  2. my fav would be the eclairs! oh yum!

    1. the eclair was also DELICIOUS! but nothing beats the unique flavor of that durian cheesecake! :)