Teritorri - Teriyaki Experience

Okay. I have to admit that it is just five weeks since the start of a new school year. As a twelfth grader, things are sure tough as I have to keep my grades up for the first quarter of the academic year for the sake of my predicted grades. Oh my...

Whatever. The first day of Lebaran break, I went to Pondok Indah Mall to try Teritorri. I've been always wanting to try Teritorri since I've read an article from a free-to-grab magazine reviewing this establishment when I gathered with some friends at a cafe in Senayan.

And yeah. Sorry for the pic if it does not look really nice - i forgot to bring my camera that day.

So as their tagline mentioned: They are here to offer its guests a quality teriyaki experience. Located in the cozy Area 51 of PIM 1... I think I'm gonna have a nice lunch here at Teritorri.

Their specialty - of course Teriyaki-style cooked dishes. With two signature sauces: Original Teriyaki and Spicy Teriyaki.

So bla-bla-bla. I ordered.. My sis ordered.. And my mom too. However.. Apologize for only showcasing you my readers three dishes. I need to use the restroom when the dishes arrived... And mom and sis.. well.. already ruined the presentation of the dish.

So for me, I decide to have the N.Z Rib Eye with their Original Teriyaki sauce. Grilled to Medium well... This baby's juicy and tender.. And yes. I love their teriyaki sauce.

Next up.. Is the Teritorri Roll - a fusion sushi filled with teriyaki beef and topped with sliced unagi and avocado. Another nice teriyaki dish. Delicious. 

Not to forget.. I also ordered some Yakitoris for myself. Two skewers of Garlic.. And Two skewers of Beef Enoki. And.. Very Nice. 

Since they specialize in the so-called Teriyaki sauce.. I do have to comment on their teriyaki sauce. I love the fact that their teriyaki sauce tastes different from what other establishments has to offer. While some establishment only serves its customers teriyaki sauces that are only sweet, For me Teritorri serves me a delicious teriyaki sauce. It is not too sweet, yet I love the smell of the sake. Just strong enough to make you want for more. :D The spicy sauce? Well for me its nice to have an addition of a hot sauce.. but I guess the original will do just fine for me.

Overall, Nice food. Nice Sauce. Nice Ambience.

Area 51
Pondok Indah Mall 1


  1. mmm teriyaki!
    and love the pics :)

    1. thanks for the compliments Irene! well yeah. Their teriyaki was nice. I love it.