Convivium Home Cooked Italian Dining

I'm bored of Jakarta's malls. Seriously. They need to add new food other than the Sushi, the Duck, the Pancakes, and more. I'm not gonna mention them all - you guys probably know.
I'm bored to most restaurants that are in malls. Most of them always share the same concept with similar foods. I need a new concept people!

And yeah. That boredom has changed how my buds hang out.

So one day, my friends and I went to this establishment in Panglima Polim 6 which is.. Convivium.
However, we're here not to dine.. but just to have some simple snacking... haha. 

welcome to Convivium! hahaha

restaurant interior

without further delays, these are the dish that we ordered. First up, is the Calzone. Pork contained. Good.

So done with the savory stuffs... We then ordered lots of desserts to sample together! hmmm~

First up to arrive at our table is the Red Velvet Cake. Said to be naturally colored, this cake is superbly moist. chewy enough. and creamy enough. One of the best tasting Red Velvet in town.


Again, admitted to be naturally coloured, their version of Rainbow Cake is good in the eyes. But the taste? I am not synchronized with the fact that each layer has different flavors. So.. Pink is for strawberry, the orange is for oranges.. and whatever. Just don't get this one.

Next up, is the pannacotta. Raspberry Pannacotta. Its milky enough. sweet enough. and sour enough. Perfectly balanced. Delicious. Like this one.

Before Leaving Convivium.. We are enticed with the availability of these... Uniquely wierdly-sounded flavored gelato? From squid ink, strawberry chilly, bacon, earl grey, red velvet, orange basil, vanilla basillico, lychee and lime rosemary.. I find the lychee, lime, and chilly to be uniquely flavored and delicious. the rest are just unique, but does not really fit in into our taste buds especially the bacon one. The bacon one is just... to porky to fit in into an ice cream.

Overall, I like this time that I have spent with my friends. Great desserts.

Convivium Home Cooked Italian Dining
Jalan Panglima Polim 6

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