Bornga: Original Korean Taste

Merry Christmaaas~
Wishing you all the best for this year's Christmas! May we be renewed and filled with joy for the upcoming year! However, this Christmas my family and I decided to stay in Jakarta for the break; We're not leavin as we just wanna use this holiday to rest. So, a day after the Christmas festivities, my mom and I decided to have lunch at this new-lookin' korean establishment 'Bornga' in Kelapa Gading.

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Restaurant Interior

Said to be an International Korean restaurant chain, they have restaurants in Korea, China, America, and Indonesia. I'm not gonna blabber all day to describe what kind of Restaurant they are. I'm gonna let the food do the talk.

Upon entering and greeted with a loud anyyeong haseo,  we are then directed to our tables to order. Since there's only just the two of us, we only ordered three kinds of food.

Barley Tea

Well well... after we got our complimentary Barley Tea, look what comes to our table below. Yes, a long plate of veggies and large bowls of different Banchan, as well as a bowl of Cold Kimchi soup.

Vegetables served on a long metal plate
 Different kinds of Banchan

Mul Kimchi

It was a lot of Banchan indeed. Especially, lookin at the veggies because I haven't had any Korean meal in Jakarta with that much of a veggie. Next up.. We also ordered a bowl of Dolsot Bibimbab. While it looks HUGE, it was not that huge: me and my mom finished it easily. The Bibimbab itself was delicious: it has this crust within every spoon - making it crispy and delicious.

Next up, are the beef! We actually ordered two portion of beef: The Woo Samgyup or the Brisket, and the Saeng Galbi (Unmarinated rib cut). The star here is actually the Woo Samgyup since it is marinated with their special sauce. Smile!

Uncooked Woo Samgyup

Okay. This is sooo mouthwatering. So lets burn the meat BABY! Btw sorry for not having the pic for the Saeng Galbi. I was rushin' the waitress for the food haha.

Cooking the Saeng Galbi

Cooking the Woo Samgyup 

Watching her cook the dish made my salivary gland to produce more and more saliva. SERIOUSLY. But then in the end.. It all become cooked just right. Look at the brisket after it is done cooking! It looks SOO GOOD.

Cooked Woo Samgyup

Presentation-wise, it already looks nice. The taste? AWESOMEEEE~! This is just like the perfect marriage of beef, its fat, and its seasoning! And of course.. To make the meal nutritious and delicious, Lets wrap it on a veggie. (Btw, they recommended to do so as well)

 In the end... We finished most of the veggies. It turns out to make the meat more interesting to eat.

Well yeah. I totally had a nice meal. It was delicious. One of the best korean meal I ever had. In the end, We were also given a selection of complimentary sides: a bowl of sliced fruit, or coffee. And we picked the sliced fruit of course ;)

Conclusion-wise, I just had experienced a nice korean meal in Bornga. Their specialty cut was just awesome. Before I left and close this post though.. I shall give my attention to thank for their excellent service. It was so excellent that they even provided this on the basin: One thing hmm... I never expected to see on a restaurant.

Yes to Listerine!

Jalan Boulevard Barat Raya
North Jakarta

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