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Ah.. the festive season.. a time where everything gets merry and jolly.

Well its not gonna be a relaxing holiday.... (DUH) because I would only have six months left to enjoy my last year in high school. Therefore, I would have to prepare my college applications. So far... I have submitted my application to a list of universities in different cities: From Boston.. Hong Kong.. Kuala Lumpur.. and Jakarta of course. Please pray and hope for the best for me.  Wherever I go, I will still be write at thefoodgazette! So please do pray for me!

Taken, written, and posted at the same day (Sunday 16/12/2012), after I had my time in Senayan City..  My sis and I went to Kemang to try this asian establishment. How do I know about this place? Well thanks to google because a few weeks ago.. I got so hyped up with kway teows that I decided to even search for some scrumptious looking kway teows. From Kwetiau Ahui (Owned by Fels), Kwetiau whatever in Pluit (I forgot the name: it was in Pluit Sakti), Singapore Kway Teow in Ritz Carlton's Asia Restaurant.. I ate them all in the same week. It was nice comparing all the different kway teow available.

So as I googled, I found Ginger Li from an article in Detik.. From that.. I wanted to try em. The chance to try them.. happened to be today. As for the picture.. I have to apologize for the lower quality since I left my camera at home. So my galaxy will have to do the work.

 Their Restaurant Fa├žade
At the time of visit.. The rain just stopped. As a result, well... the weather gets quite cold as I enter their restaurant.. the window next to me was full of dew. Nice lookin' actually . I love this kind of weather and the dew that results from it.
Dew in the window - Nice and cold...

Restaurant Interior

Who's Mural is this? is this Ginger? haha!


So yeah. As I enjoyed their decor.. I ordered. My sis ordered.

First.. the drinks. For this kind of weather.. My sis wants something warm. But something with less caffeine.. And no alcohol since she will have to supervise me with my noob driving skill. A hot English Breakfast will have to do the work.. and as for me.. A glass of orange.

For appetizers.. We had the Squid Cakwe. Ordered by my Sis. Tastes nice.

Not long after we had a few bite of these crunchy cakwes.. Our mains came.

For lunch.. My sis decides to have the Katong Laksa. I love how this dish was served. Presentation-wise, it was superbly served. The prawn was cooked to perfection.. Not overcooked.. Not undercooked. And the broth itself.. It was rich in flavors. Not too rich, not too spicy, just rich. Love this. As for myself.. I had....

Ta-Dah! The Ginger Li Wagyu Kway Teow! This is soo good! The beef makes it even better.. The hot candle below it keeps my kway teow warm as I ate em.. The flat rice noodles itself was nice in terms of its texture.. and I love their seasoning. I don't know what they use to enrich this kway teow other than the dark soy sauce they used. Whatever. Simply delicious.

Overall, I had a nice meal.. I did not ordered any desserts as we decided to save it for some other foods. For sure, I'll be returning here again for some more asian fine-cooked foods. Love the ambience, Service-wise, one waiter needs to be a little more friendly... and well... their price is quite high actually... But if you're an asian food lover.. I believe that your money will be worth it. Ciao!

Ginger Li
Jalan Kemang Raya

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