Which ever comes first.

So. if this one post is posted. I have made an accomplishment; It either me having a 10.000 visitor mark, or Foodgazette's first anniversary. Well the fact is, the 10.000 visitor mark comes first.

So.. this blog was registered at March 2012. At that time I only got my iPhone 4S to do the job - and my decision to create a blog was merely based on the fact that I need something that would entertain me at times when I get bored.

However... As time goes by.. Blogging became a necessity as well. If you have checked out my other blog.. the Raymond's CAS Blog... Foodgazette has became my diary to post my progress in regards to my C.A.S (Creativity, Action, Service) activities which are required by my school and the International Baccalaureate Organization - (the organization that will issue my high school diploma, if you don't know). Without foodgazette, I.. may not be able to graduate. So this blogging thing is a huge deal as it is one of my creative activity.. alongside with my photography courses in which I took em during my Summer break in 2012.

Thanks to YOU! My fellow readers.. This achievement means a lot me because I believed that I learn by experience. And as time goes by... I learn more and more. I have improved the way I write especially, dealing with the way I express food, as well as the way I took pictures. Believe or not, thanks to Foodgazette, I aced my English: Language and Literature Further Oral Activity at a score of 28/30. Why? Well because at that time.. the further orals was circled around FOOD! 

Foodgazette meant a lot to me. and I will continue to post more and more as time goes by. For now, I may not be able to form further relationship with other fellow Indonesian foodies due to the fact that well... exams are coming up - what I have been learning for these past two years.. would be tested.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. yay, I'm happy for you! congratulations, you deserve it! :D