Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant, HK

Yeap. Continuing on with the food journey in Hong Kong! Moving along to the restaurants near my hotel... There was Sushi One.. in which I reviewed last year.. and there's also this: The Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant. I've been waiting to gather some more pics and finally... it came true through this visit. I have lots of pictures for this restaurant.. and here goes nothing.

**Long Post with Lots of Pictures ahead**

As one of the nearest restaurant from my Hotel (Park Hotel) ... It opens quite early. Like 8? I donno. When I left the lobby hotel towards Chatham road.. this restaurant was already opened. This is also one of the reason why we stayed in Park Hotel again due to the fact that it is closer to various delicious foods! We ate here for most of the trip. Like.. 80% ? Why? Check this one out.

Restaurant Facade

Restaurant Interior

Well yeah. The place was kinda cramped.. and a bit squishy as well. But their food.. It was awesome. Before eating... Lets all drink milk.

Pasteurized Milk

The meal I had below is the meal I had for 70% of my brekkie here until I switched into something else. Yes, the Pork Chop noodles. Served in a soup... this baby is delicious! the broth is rich.. well.. not like Indomie's richness as some might judge it looks like an indomie... and the pork chop itself was really nice. Wish I could had the vocab to say that I want it crispy.. 

Pork Chop Noodles

While I enjoyed this as my favorite option.. I finally changed into this: Prawn Noodles. It was nice... but the broth was not as rich as the pork one.

Prawn Noodle

While I had those two... Mom tried this one: The Barbeque Pork Chop noodles. While it may sounds more delicious.. I like to keep things simple. haha.

Barbeque Pork Noodles 

Mom also changed her course into this noodle below.. The beef noodle. Similar to the prawn one.. But I say this one's more delicious.

Beef Noodles

Moving along.. to my sis. At some point.. She tried the Spicy Pork Chop noodles. Similar to what I have.. the difference is that this one's spicy and looks to have some sorta seaweed as an assortment.

Spicy Pork Chop Noodles

The Kway Teow here was also good.

Beef Kway Teow

This time.. My dad. He had these Breakfast Platter with Egg and Sausages on the first day.

Bread and Sausage Platter

Second day.. He finished most of the mapo tofu we ordered since he was confused of what to order.

Mapo Tofu

And third day.. A bowl of porridge.

Porridge / Congee

And finally.. D-day.. Back to me. I had this: Rice with Duck. NICE. Their Duck was NICE. Why? It has no aftertaste and was properly marinated. 

But.. hey. again. What makes you eat here for the most of your trip? It all comes back to one thing: You may see one similarity in all of the pictures I posted above. It's their Milk Tea! It is.. just.. so... delicious and rich and I could not express it into words really. But from what I heard.. The evaporated milk they use.. is special. I tried browsing for them in Supermarkets.. and I still could not find them. Special order perhaps?

Whatever. The food was excellent. The milk tea was unforgettable. Much better than the one I had in Macau despite the same cup.. -___- . In regards to  their service.. Communication was a major problem. But thanks to various posters and illustrations.. Communication issues can be partially solved.

P.S: Menu names might be different from the original because everything here was all in CHINESE while I don't read Chinese.

Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant
Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Dondonya - HK

Hey guys.. Sorry for not posting at all during the month of January. I was super busy with my University applications and my CAS stuffs. So yeah. During the four day break given by my school, I went to Hong Kong (again) for some university tour and well.. leisure stuffs.

One memorable food I ate during the trip.. happens to be this one. As I was walkin around the mall... with my Mom, my Sis, and my Dad shopping... We found this establishment somewhere near the makeup alley.

So yeah. This Japanese establishment serves everything Japanese - except Sushis and scrumptious desserts. Just observe their name: Dondonya. Roughly translated into Bowl-bowl house (thanks Calv) But hey! Their food are superb! Like.. totally awesome~ So.. during the writing of this post I checked out their website and checked their webpage and I found lots of interesting facts about their establishment. First, they claimed that they only used premium Akita-komachi short grain rice. In which I believe.. that particular rice is a rice with excellent quality.

Ahem. As we entered the restaurant.. We were greeted nicely and was brought to the edge of the restaurant. The interior itself was nice. It was not too traditional but more casual-looking. As I came into ordering.. we were automatically given a bowl of egg.. and a serving of chili pepper.

We ordered quite a lot indeed. I myself... ordered their BBQ Beef Rice Bowl. Looks superb and tastes excellent. The cut was generous.. and the rice itself was full of fragrance and rich in terms of its taste.

BBQ Beef Rice Bowl 

Meanwhile.. my sis had the Garlic Pork with Egg Rice Bowl. The same.. The cut was right for me.. and the taste was nice as well. Wish there's a restaurant in Indo that could serve a bowl like this..
Garlic Pork with Egg Rice Bowl

Last but not least.. my dad. He ordered the star dish here.. Judging by the fact that this particular menu was shown quite often at a large size in their menus.. as well has their promotion board up front by the entrance. Here goes.. the Deep Fried Pork with Egg Rice Bowl.

Deep Fried Pork with Egg and Miso Sauce Rice Bowl 

Yeah.. I gotta censor some of the pic. I believe you would not wanna see my Dad's fatty stomach. Haha.
Of course.. we ordered a sukiyaki as well for our lunch. Trust me. It was cold in HK at the time of visit and we needed something piping hot!

While it may look like an ordinary Sukiyaki while it was being cooked.. This one is Wagyu. What amuses me.. Is how they serve the raw beef on a plate. Sooo tantalizing.

Saga Wagyu Sukiyaki x2

And you know.. I don't think there's any restaurant in Indo that would cut a meat like this....

One thing to note.. the assistant manager was cooking for us at that time. She cooked everything so neatly. She boiled the meat one by one to not let it overcook.

And all the extra egg... she soft boiled em. perfecto~

Overall. The meal I had was very nice. I guess the price was worth it. Well.. My dad doesn't seem to mind at all paying HKD $1.379 for all of this. Excellent food. Excellent service. No communication issues as well.

Dondonya Honten Japanese Restaurant
Elements, 1 Austin Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong