Loobie Lobster

Hi folks! It's been a while since my last post.. I am trying to be as active as possible in this blogging thing. Somehow.. well education and personal stuffs prohibit me from doing so.

Whatever. The point is... there is this new interesting establishment in the streets of Gunawarman. It's Loobie! Brought by the same partners who brought you Holycow Steaks. This time they're servin up lobsters as their specialty. Due to the interesting concept.. I decided to visit them once my Mocks are completed. That day happened to be the 8th of March.

As I arrived at my destination.. I fell in love with their exterior facade. I love to see restaurants that is homey with attractive canopies!

Turns out the interior was not as pleasing. The place was too cramped with only a few tables. And.. we were given a table that faced the wall. How nice is the view! White as snow!

Keyboard Seats! Just like the one sold in Informa! 

Yes. This is the edge. 

Okay whatever. So for dinner, I ordered their mix platter that consists of 1 lobster, 1 prawn, some calamaris, and a serving of rice.

Their Menu

After waiting for a few minutes over a hungry stomach.. my food arrived. 

At first glance.. The amount of Calamari was generous for a personal portion. The shrimp looks big.. and the lobster too. Meanwhile.. the sauce looks like plain chilli sauce. The taste? I like the Calamari. The lobster was okay. But the shrimp was the best. The shrimp was meaty and rich. I cant really judge what did they use to marinade the lobster or the shrimp, but its delicious. 

While the spicy garlic sauce is okay.. the Cinema Concession chilli sauce should have been used for this dish. Haha. I also tried their Sambal Matah paste.. its garlic level was fine by me.

Overall.. nice food. The place just need to be revamped. It needs to be bigger somehow. 

Jalan Gunawarman
South Jakarta