Pontianak Food Trip - Chai Kue, Nasi Campur Akit, Es Krim Petrus, and more!

To fill up my empty schedule over the summer break, Fels invited me to go with her back home to her hometown in the city of Pontianak in West Kalimantan with her family. So here we go using this small plane of Garuda Indonesia - a Boeing 737-500.  These days I seemed to be interested in the world of aviation!

Before Arrival: Garuda's one of a kind.

"Hey sir.. today we have egg noodles and beef! What would you like to drink?"
Yeap. I got one interesting meal onboard worth discussing.

You see? Airline meal has probably never been this greasy. But it was nice. Or is it me that is hungry? Idk. This is one of the best meal I had in Garuda. Probably due to the grease? Idk. haha.

1. Chai Kue (Near Singkawang)

Upon my arrival, we ate the Pontianak Chai Kue or what most people called Choi Pan. We ate Chai
Kues a few time, but the one we had best was this one shown below in Singkawang in a small hut.

There's 200 pieces of them (I think?) and we all finished them like literally FAST.

It is interesting to see how Chai Kue are served here because in the city of Pontianak, all establishments are likely to serve em 'HOT with generous amount of garlic on top.... unlike in Jakarta. The bengkoang (Mexican Turnip) is just crisp and awesome, and the one with Kucai (chives) are also good. And when you are in Pontianak, try the taro and the soy ones. EAT em with chilli. AH HEAVEN!

2. Bakmi Ou Kie - Sibu

CRAB NOODLES! My favorite kind of noodles! To me, the best crab noodles in Jakarta is in Bakmi Ou Kie in Sunter. But.... trust me that the Ou Kie in Pontianak is FAR BY DELICIOUS. Filled with minced pork, shreds of crab meat, fishcakes, fried fishcakes and small fishballs, this is one dish not to be missed. The seasoning is just right once it is given to you.

Take a few and I fell in love with this dish. Looking at how I ate these noodles, Fels directly stopped me and ask me to put a spoon of chilli and pepper. GOD! THIS DISH BECOMES A DISH FROM HEAVEN!

Note: Look at the bun up above my bowl of noodles, I bought a bun filled with dry shrimp (ebi) and it is awesome! It's literally bread and dry shrimp! That's it.

3. Nasi Campur A Kit.

Not far from the hotel I stayed is a mixed rice restaurant that sells a mixed rice (Nasi Campur) like the one below:

Its another dish from heaven. It's freakingly good. Even though it may look greasy, I don't care much when eating this. It's not really grease though... its like a thick clear soup and it made the rice a bit hot and soupy - making it like a Chinese Risotto. The portion itself is just right - the right amount of rice, paired with crispy pork and char siu pork with lettuce on the side.. this is another food that is a must eat from Pontianak.

4. Es Krim Petrus

Across from the school where Fels' mom used to go to lies a crowded house filled with people eating ice cream. Fels' mom calls it Es Krim Petrus because the school she went to is called 'Santu Petrus'. However, at  the time of visit, there's only vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream. So... the chocolate has to be the obvious choice.

First I thought that this is just gonna be an ordinary home made ice cream stall. Turns out, its something special!

Yeap. It's served in a coconut with red beans on the side.

The ice cream itself is chocolatey rice. As someone who didn't eat sweets that often, I find the ice cream delicious enough and satisfying to my tastebuds. The red bean on the side made it even better and shreds of coconuts are just perfect to make this ice cream.. healthier!

5. Gajah Mada Restaurant

I sadly don't have the picture for the dishes I ate here.. It's basically a Chinese restaurant owned by Fels' family. I am not biased... but their Sup Ikan Lais is awesome. Give them a try when you are in Pontianak.

It's the end of another post. Sadly. So.. here's another picture of a Boeing 737-500, taken at Supadio Airport.

**This post would not have been made if my best bud Fels did not bring me with her family to her hometown in Pontianak. So a huge big thanks to Fels and her generous family members (Her mom, her bro, her dad, her grandma, her aunt) and all the members at Gajah Mada Restaurant and everyone whom I can't mention one by one!**

N.B: I was not paid in any matter. This is purely my review based on my tastebuds. PERIOD. THE END. END OF DISCUSSION.


  1. Ternyata dipontianak ada makanan-makanan enak :D..

    BTW, menu Bakmi Ou Kie - Sibu bisa kamu share juga disini < http://qraved.com >

  2. HEAVEN!
    My late grandmother's house was just across the road from Restoran Gajah Mada :)
    I really miss Pontianak and my childhood looking at these photos. I used to go there once a year when she was still alive... still remember the interior of Nasi Campur Akit and Ou Kie :) Mum knows Ou Kie personally too, she's dying to go back and eat!