Fresh Mango

Who hates cold creamy sweet delights? Probably one in a million people would. I love ice creams. I love frozen yogurts. I love ice cream cakes even more!  I just need them to be in-excessively sweetened coz I watch what I eat. :)

On one sunny day in Boston, I found this yogurt establishment behind Suffolk University Law School Building. Fresh Mango in Bromfield St. The place itself was simple. Not too bright though.. Although the place was painted Orange, Yellow, and white.

About their offerings - they serve froyos, shakes, lassi (what is this? Never heard of it. :) ), juices and smoothies. For their frozen yogurt.. they have four flavors daily. During my first visit, I ordered their nutella flavored froyo and I fell in love with it: the sweetness is just right.

The first day of autumn, they managed to have the Nutella flavor as well as mango, the original.. and.. pumpkin spiced yogurt. Okay. Never heard of that. Then, I decided to give it a try as a sample. However, the taste does not suit me. So... Another cup of nutella with kiwis and almonds please.

What is great about the toppings here (as you can see) is that they are not soaked in syrup. Some people might like the fact that the use of syrups makes the fruit tastes better... But I like them un-soaked in syrup. Fresh and Healthy. Yeah. One thing to note is that some establishments chose to use syrup in their toppings to preserve them longer in display. Salute to Fresh Mango to keep their fruit toppings fresh!  

Below are their price list, and the toppings they provide:

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