Major Changes.

To all my dearest readers,

Over the next couple of days, I am going to revamp the looks of The Food Gazette. I have decided to keep going on with the food blogging activity (yes!). The reason for me to keep on blogging was because of the fact that um.. I kinda fell in love with the food photography activity.. as well as pouring my thoughts into writing... Oh. What about the redesign? Well.. one reason: I want my blog to have a better flow so that it could be read easily without any headaches. First thing that I have changed is the layout in which all blog gadgets has been moved to the right. Secondly, I have added tabs below the header.

As of now, I am currently pursuing my bachelor degree in the city of Boston and I will be wandering around downtown Boston. So, expect me to fill up this blog with all things great of Boston culinary! I will also be going to New York once in a while... since I have a close relative living there!

Therefore, if you experienced any major glitches and mess over the blog, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would greatly appreciate your feedbacks and inputs.

Best, Raymond.

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