Boston Quick Grabs!

Howdy folks! It is sure that I have not been updating and feeding this blog of mine with new contents as well as sharing a bit of the foods that I have been eating. Haha. Anyway, in celebrating the arrival of 2015, I will present a new post dedicated on my favorite fast foods!

As a college student, I want things fast so I could spend my time doing other agendas. But on the other hand, I want to eat healthy and have a tasty meal at the same time. So below are the foods that are on my top list.

NOTE: I will not focus on big retail fast food chains that mostly serve unhealthy meals, but instead, I will share you guys gourmet fast food of course worth your time, money and effort in arriving at an establishment or later during your workout sessions. :)

Paris Creperie

Their name clearly explained what they serve - crepes! Cut to the chase. This dish is currently on my #1 on my cheat meal list and it is their Nutella Crepes.

It looks appetizing but once tasted.. Everyone could tell that they are not stingy with scooping nutellas into the crepe - making it very chocolatey good! (see the chocolate mess I created as I ate while walking below!)  I like to add bananas and american cheese into it too. But if you are a chocolate lover, grab it simply with just nutella and american cheese. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Strolling through Downtown Boston with a crepes! 

Chicken and Rice Guys

PS: I did not eat two bowls alone. I had someone else as a companion. HAHA

At first when I tried their food for the very first time, I thought that they had Singaporean Chicken Rice! (OMG!) But then it was something else. But hey! Their combo platter is excellent!

So the dish consisted of chicken, lamb and a serving of greens with a serving of yellow rice beneath all of those proteins. They also included a warm pita which tasted very good. All those on a bowl with a touch of white or spicy sauce. (I did not pour the sauce into it since I'm not good in terms of putting sauces - I spill them or I overflowed them.) A good choice when I get hungry while taking a stroll at the park or when I have a break from classes.

Shake Shack

This.. Everyone might have known it. Their burgers are excellent! So I guess the pictures will do the talking. Below is my favorite.. the Shack Stack. (A tongue twister -___- I'm eating shack stack in shake shack!)

Cheesy good! Yes. But as an Indonesian-born guy, I'd always carry a sachet of Belibis Chilli Sauce whenever I visit Shake Shack. Servings of the Belibis really adds a spicy, yet rich kick to this already cheesy good burger! Eat them with a serving of their cheesy fries as well.

Dua Belibis Chilli to the rescue!

Have a splendid day!

Paris Creperie Food Truck: Schedule Varies (visited them in Boston City Hall) -
Paris Creperie on Urbanspoon

Chicken and Rice Guys: Schedule Varies (visited them in Chinatown Park, Surface Rd) -
The Chicken and Rice Guys on Urbanspoon

Shake Shack - 92 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA