Boston Chops

"Give me a thick yet nicely cooked slab of meat and I'll stop talking since I will be enjoying it because I want to enjoy the deliciousness and juiciness of it." - At least that's what I would say if there is a delicious serving of steak right before my very eyes. In the greater Boston area, I would recommend trying Boston Chops if you haven't been there or if you are happening to be in town. Their place is hip and cozy, yet they also serve portions of deliciously cooked steaks, sides and appetizers. Whilst I wait for the arrival of my gang members, I enjoyed a glass of water that tasted the way I liked it. I know its random.. but yeah the water here tasted very clean.

House-filtered still water - that's their description of it in their menu. 

That day required my friends to arrive slightly later than expected (aka in Indonesian: ngaret) due to whatever reason yet traffic is quite unfriendly that day. Hearing me fuss about my friends resulted in my waitress for the visit offered me their pop-over while I wait. Their pop-over was nice: it was not too fluffy, yet it is still able to maintain structure.. I liked it the way it is. Then, I gave a small cut over the top and slap some butter into it. At this point it looked incredibly appetizing! Yum!

Pop-overs (butter placed and melted!)

As my friends arrived, we ordered a lot of foods to share. We did not opt to order individual portions of steak due to the huge portions they have. For appetizer, we share a serving of their Equatorial Iceberg salad with blue cheese on the side coz Jess hates blue cheese! I liked their bacon bits...! 

Equatorial Iceberg Salad

Next on the line-up is their Bone Marrow. I couldn't say much about this dish but I fell in love with it so much that I ordered it every visit. I dug the contents of the bone.. then I enjoyed the warm-soaked grilled bread with the onion broth provided. Oh!

Bone Marrow (Contents spooned out!)

Next on our list are their steaks and we ordered two  of em. The first one is the Bone in Ribeye cooked to medium rare and the second one being the prime ribeye cooked to medium well. 

Bone In Ribeye cooked medium rare

Prime Ribeye to medium well

These two are delicious! However, there are room for improvement as the gang and I felt that the cooking temperature should've been the other way around between another (It is not the waitress' fault since we ordered it that way). We felt that the prime should've been cooked medium rare and the bone-in be cooked medium well. That way, I felt that it would be more delicious because the bone in rib eye was too chewy to chew at this temperature while on the other hand, the prime rib eye was slightly too hard to chew. Despite that,  it was still very juicy and enjoyable. We also had a Mac n Cheese on the side.

Mac and Cheese with pork belly on the middle! Delicious!

Their portion might looked small in picture.. But it was actually huge and was quick enough to fill our tummies. Last but not least, I ordered their Pineapple GeleƩ Cheesecake FOR MYSELF AND NOT TO SHARE BECAUSE THIS IS MY FAVORITE.

Pineapple GeleƩ Cheesecake

Like I always liked to say.. the cheesecake was sweetened just right and not too sweet!  (A rare occurrence in the US - for me.) and the sherbet was sour enough that it balances the sweetness of the cake itself. An awesome dish to wrap up my meal.

Overall, I had a splendid dining experience at Boston Chops. I can't wait to come back for more of their cheesecake and their steaks!

Boston Chops
1375 Washington Street
Boston, MA

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5

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Sunday Dim Sum at Myers + Chang

On a windy yet snowy day, me and my mates decided to have a Sunday Dim Sum Brunch at Myers + Chang. To fulfill my dear pal's request - Sherley (check her blog out at!) to try this establishment that looked hip and young... the gang decided to meet up directly after I made the reservation.

As we arrived at the venue, we were seated at a high top table and we ordered some steamed dim sum, some carbs, and some desserts to wrap up our meal. The first dish that came up was the Mama Chang's pork potsticker dumpling. It was fine.

Mama Chang's Potsticker Dumpling

Next on my list was the Kimchi fried Quinoa Bokkeumbap with Bulgogi which was actually quite good. Since I ate Quinoa on a daily basis, I have to admit that putting quinoa in place of rice was very creative and the result was tasty. 

Kimchi fried Quinoa Bokkeumbap with Bulgogi

Next up, we have two dumplings. One was filled with a braised pork belly, and one was with Asian marinated beef. I have to admit that the marinade was too salty on both dishes but the marinated beef bao tasted better than the pork one. (The focus was a mess on this one - sorry I'm way too appetized!)

Pork Belly Bao (below) and Braised Beef Bao (Above)

And lastly, Sherley and I had the Tea Smoked Ribs. Nothing special but okay.

Tea Smoked Ribs

On the other hand, DJ ordered their nasi goreng - it had pineapples in it so he did not really like it.

I saved the best for last. Their Genmaicha Panna Cotta was inevitably.. the star of my meal. It was soft, delicious, and appetizing. And like what I always liked - it was not too sweet! 

Overall I had a nice dim sum experience at this hip place without the grumpy waitresses at traditional Chinese restaurants. Service was fast and staff were very responsive towards our questions and requests. Despite the higher prices, I would, definitely come back for more of the panna cotta!

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington Street
Boston MA

Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5

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