Pastiche Fine Desserts

As I explored the greater Providence area during a trip with my close friends, we found this small intimate cafe in the so-called Federal Hill district as we browsed for places to eat for dinner. At my first visit however, the place was jam-packed and we decided to try some of their desserts to go and it was superb! Luckily, Chris wanted to drove about an hour from Boston to retry this gem! so thank you Chris!

Pastiche defined themselves in their website as "an intimate European-style cafe" featuring "classic recipes made with the best natural ingredients". Well.. I do have to agree that I loved their intimate setting as it allowed me and my friends to have a wonderful time together but.. are their desserts good? DEFINITELY! I will definitely be coming back for more.

Sweet enough? Check.
Appetizing enough? Check.
A cup of tea? Check.

Okay. I'll let the pictures do the talking instead. Get ready to drooool....!

First off, I had the banana cream tart. Superbly light and fresh. Sweetness level just right and I thought they got the cream and banana consistency just right for my liking. So light when spooned, yet the cake is just so delicate!

Look at how beautiful the plating was!

Side View

However, Anthony always ordered the Fruit Tart and so does everyone else. So don't question later on why there was only two kinds of cake. In my opinion, their fruit tart is simply one the best ones I had in life. One slice of it was filled with a generous amount of fruits and berries that simply balances the sweetness of their pastry cream. Ugh! So darn good!

Back View!

Front View! 

Have you looked at how gorgeous those plates of fruit tarts are? They're good! Good in the eyes, and superbly awesome on the tongue. Hence, I enjoyed having a cup of tea and some cakes here.. despite the one hour drive it took me and the long wait time outside the establishment. 

Pastiche Fine Desserts
91 Spruce St.
Providence, RI

ps: All of the pictures taken above are taken with the new Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone on Superior Auto and was not edited by any chance. Let me know about what you think about the shots taken by this phone through the comment section below or simply shoot me an email!

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