New York. The City of Dreams for Food Lovers. Part 2

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New York is often titled as the city of dreams. But to me, it is the city of dreams for food lovers around~ I am one of them that find that this city has just too much good food to eat. If I were to live in this city for college, I think I'd be morbidly obese.

When I first landed in the States to pursue further education, New York became my first port of entry into pursuing my education and I have made numerous memories with a bunch of people in this city- both good, and bad and I have visited this city multiple times. One thing that draws me back into going back and forth into town was its food. I felt that New York is a food haven that has numerous cuisines from all over the world housed all into the different boroughs the city has. I can find all good food from all over the world in NYC.

A panoramic shot of Times Square

This time, its all about Italian, Korean, and a to-go place for breakfast. I am also featuring a hip places to go to a.k.a tempat kekinian in Indonesian. Scroll down now, and click the Zomato widgets  for more reviews and directions.


All the ladies joined in our trip has been blabbering day and night about trying this tiny place out in the East Village that incorporates goooey cheese in their menus they heard online and was always poured right in front of the guests. See below!

And yeap. The raclette was as good as it looks when poured on top of their Havana.


We also ordered their other dishes like their Fig Tartines and their Lollote Croques and both were also good. The Fig Tartines was sweet and refreshing, whilst the Croques was warm and rich due to the presence of slices of Jambon de Paris.

Fig Tartines

Lollote Croques 

Overall, whilst their dishes were all delicious and satisfying, The queue took forever and the restaurant had to make us come to their tiny cramped restaurant to reserve a spot. This should've been made able online!  Nice one ladies!

Raclette Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  

 Bar Pitti


Jess has always said that Bar Pitti has the best Truffle Pasta. But sadly, they said that they were out of season at the time of visit. But nonetheless, we had a portion of mussels to share and it was very tasty. Cooked with a tomato base with hints of vodka, this is a must try! We also had different cheeses to share and everything was just refreshing to eat during the hot sunny days we were in.

As for the entree, we had different kinds of pastas and everything was just cooked to al dente. I had trouble recalling the names of the dishes I ate.. Sorry. But I hope you can just show the pictures to the server when you are there!

I forgot what this one was as this was listed on their daily specials but to me, the pasta above reminds me of mie ayam.... in an Italian way of course! On the other hand, the dumpling-like pasta below was also a good try as it is seasoned just right.

Bar Pitti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Levain's Bakery

Now this one was also getting enough buzz online and some of the ladies were also keen to try them. Some said  online on Yelp that Levain's cookie might be the best one they tried in the world! Curious, I decided to go with the ladies and buy some!  OMG! Their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie was heavenly delicious! So chewy, so moist.. I'm practically speechless about this one! You'd just have to come, wait in line, and try.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

Levain Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

DB Bistro Moderne

One of the things I'd never do every time I visited New York was to get a room with no breakfast included. This will allow me not to waste money and to travel for the best breakfast spots the city has to offer. So as I searched on Yelp for a breakfast spot, this place came out on top and I love it! The first on the list was their Omelette with Gruyere Cheese. The egg's cooked just right.. feels fluffy, and the cheese simply raises this dish to a different level! delish!

Omelette with Gruyere Cheese

Another delicious item that we ordered was their Poached Eggs with Duck Confit Hash! Superbly rich and satisfying - to me. And also, don't forget to add more protein to your breakfast by ordering a side of sausages and bacon!

 Poached Eggs with Duck Confit Hash

Bacon and Sausages

 db Bistro Moderne Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Jong Ro

That night, me and my buddy Anthony was just busy debating to eat Korean Barbeque and it was between the infamous Kang Ho Dong or Jong Ro. We decided to try on the latter and it was quite an epic meal. Simply said, for less than $100, you'll get generous servings of meat with tons of banchan and a serving of those soft korean eggs and a bowl of soondubu.

  The meat! Look at those colors!

Soft Eggs in the making!


 Meat under the grill! Yummmmm!  

And of course. Have some soju to chill the vibe whilst chatting with your closed ones. Despite being generous, I felt that the meats needs more seasoning onto it. But other than that, everything's awesome!
 Jongro BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

And there it is! That's another recap of what I ate in New York. I hope that I would be able to feature some more posts like this in the future! 

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