I give you my warmest welcome to the Food Gazette!

Started as one of my C.A.S (Creativity Action Serivce) activity requirement for the IB Diploma in 2012, The Food Gazette is now a blog that recaps my food explorations around wherever I traveled! Since 2012, I have been blogging about places to eat in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Macau, and now, I am currently residing in Boston to pursue my degree!

About Me
Most people call me Ray, Rayns or Raymond. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia to parents who loved eating out and eats good tasting foods!  I go berserk when I am totally hungry, but I cherish every food I ate. To me, every food and drinks has its own story to tell. I speak casually and tries to be as open as possible... so please follow me with my writing whether it is a hawker dish, casual dish, and even fine dishes as I describe what I felt.

All of the content written in this blog are  purely written based on my opinion through the
experience I had in different establishment I feature.

All images and texts belongs to Rayns Raymond G. unless noted.
Contact me beforehand if you would like to use my pictures or cite this blog!

Email: hello@foodgazette.com
Twitter: @foodgazette
Instagram: @rayns8

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